A minute is enough

A few ruminations on (im)patience, time, and the use of time today.

A guy I worked for temporarily once–Don “D.J.” Martin–struck me as quite a kind, sensitive soul, and I was included in a distribution of an article he’d found on being “busier than thou.”  This article provoked thought in me, and I still have it in a file, but I’m not sure I’ve made much long-term progress in the area of managing my busyness in a way that keeps “margin” and allows sufficiently for serendipities and for people.

In this world, some of us seem more rushed than others.  As the summer begins for me, I am not as rushed, but that doesn’t mean I’m less constrained.  It only means I have more choice about how I spend my time, and bigger chunks of time for bigger projects.

This morning, having seen my first video of a teeny-bopper-pop “artist” singer, I’m caused to list ten things in the entertainment arena that I only have a minute for.  In some cases, 60 seconds is probably too much.  These are in no particular order:

  1. Rap
  2. Justin Bieber’s music
  3. Thumping bass (in this case, I have only about three seconds of patience and am anything but apologetic about it)
  4. The TV show “Glee”
  5. TV commercials
  6. Any (non-) “reality” show that involves singers or dancers
  7. Any other (non-) “reality” show
  8. Gratuitous drumming in beginning band pieces
  9. Guitar players who think they have something to offer the world of music when in reality they’re just playing the same chords with the same strumming motions and the same pretentious sense of self-importance as 432,247 other guitarists this month
  10. Preachers that have the appearance, demeanor, and theology of stereotypical used car salesmen (this phenomenon is worse than bad entertainment, because it dangerously mixes eternal things with mere annoyance)

#10 may seem to be in the entertainment category by some careless mistake.  Actually, not.  🙂  Sixty seconds of the hawking of religion from a self-serving pulpit is plenty.  Yesterday’s preacher had quite a decent sense of real ministry for the masses, and some good plans to go along with it, but his self-important wasting of time with verbal nonsense was something I had no time for, so I left early.

On the other hand, I had a few extra moments for holding and horsing around with my toddler today, and I liked those moments.  A minute is NOT enough for your kid.