Summin’ and rockin’

In the home of some former friends, a group of six adults gathered for a time of worship.  One of the spiritual calisthenics involved trying to sum up worship, narrowing a description to just a few words.  At first, it was five or six words.  Then we tried to narrow it to two or three.  Feel free to try this at home!  It’s great for centering, without much hint of New Age thought.  🙂  More on this specific exercise tomorrow.

But if you had to sum up the message of Jesus in just a few words, how would you do it?

Purposeful death and attesting resurrection?

God come to earth?  Incarnate holiness?

Grace and truth?

Love God, and love humankind?

A recently launched blogsite summed up the Messiah’s message this way:  “Come with me and die . . . and I will give you life.”  Strikes me as eminently on-target.  Isn’t this one way to sum up the core of the gospel message?  I have found this summary, here presented a message of Matthew, strongly corroborated in Mark’s gospel, as well (perhaps not so much in Luke’s or John’s?).

Personally, I find the “Rockin‘” stuff (you know, like “let’s rock!” or “that really rocks!” or “catch you later … gotta rock-n-roll!) a little tiresome, but that’s just me, and it’s likely a legacy the blog author inherited, to some degree.  (I also don’t see how anyone can watch the ridiculous TV series “Glee” with a straight face.  I’m embarrassed for the creators of this show, but I also know people who like it.  At least they could have given it another name, because the “glee club” tradition is light years away from the pathetic subject[s] of this series.  Oddly, I am amused and not embarrassed by “Happy Days” reruns, but that’s beside the point.)  Regardless of their chosen name, the Rock Church in Indiana certainly have themselves a solid “teaching pastor” in Gary Collier.  I know Gary to be committed to, and passionate about, exegetical Bible study.  And he has the tools to carry it forward.

Browse the Rockin’ blog sometime, and consider subscribing.  I did.