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Compositions, Arrangements, and Transcriptions of Instrumental Music

by Brian Casey (ASCAP)
Title Comp./Arr. Instrumentation Difficulty Character/Style Price Description
3-Ring Wind-Up for Brass Casey Brass Ensemble (3+1+3+2 perc) ADV Brass Ensemble (light) 25.00 Amusing circus piece for brass that will light up any hall.Entertaining! Available from
Adagio Muffat/Casey Brass Quintet ME Meditative 12.00 Wonderfully moving harmonies from the original keyboard work, arranged for the sensitive brass quintet.  No extreme range requirements. Also check out Three Muffat Miniatures for Brass Quintet, which includes this Adagio.
Anticipation Fanfare and Procession Casey Brass Quintet ME Regal 15.00 A brief fanfare, co-written with my wife for our wedding, May 29, 2004.
Anvil Chorus Verdi, transcr. Casey Brass Ensemble (4+3+3+1+1+2 perc) ADV Jubilant 30.00 Arrangement of the Verdi chorus from Il Trovatore — a perfect fit for brass! Two percussionists required; a brake drum or similar object may substitute for the anvil.
At the Round Earth’s Imagined Corners Spencer, arr. Casey Brass Ensemble (3+1+3+2 perc) ADV Profoundly joyful Contact Heard even once, Willametta Spencer’s choral piece lodges itself in the memory.  This arrangement for 3 trumpets, horn, 3 trombones, and percussion retains all the profundity of the original.
Carol of the Bells Leontovich/Casey Saxophone Quartet ME Christmas 8.00 Transcribed and arranged from Leontovich’s popular a cappella Christmas piece.
Chi Sigma Alpha arr. Casey Brass Ensemble (2+2+2+1+1) ME Regal 5.00 My college club’s song in a simple, yet harmonically interesting arrangement for quartet, with substitute 3rd and 4th parts that allow for alternate instrumentation. Also available with a second chorale in the set Two Chorales.
Conquest (Fanfare No. 5) Casey Brass Ensemble (3+4+3+1+1) ADV Intense 20.00 A fanfare with a bit of militant attitude.   Intense!
Denver Fanfare Casey Brass Ensemble (4+2+3+1) MD Regal 15.00  
Denver Fanfare Casey Brass Quintet MD Regal 15.00  
Equali Beethoven, transcr. Casey Various ME Funereal 5.00 Various instrumentations–brass, band, clarinet choir, etc. Can be arranged to specifications. $5 each.
Excursus Casey Wind Trio ADV Provocative 10.00 Adventuresome, challenging trio for Fl, Hn, Basson.   Also available for Fl, Hn, Tsax.
Faces of Foster Casey, after Stephen Foster Wind Band Adv Various 65.00 Employing eight of Stephen Foster’s melodies in various fragments and forms, this three-movement suite is a crowd-pleaser. Movements may be performed separately. First movement featuring “Oh! Susanna,” “De Camptown Races,” and “Ring de Banjo” also available for orchestra.
Fanfare for Unaccompanied Trumpet Casey Solo Trumpet MD Regal 5.00 Commissioned by my friend Randy Runyan and revised in 2008 for ElizaBeth Shields Irwin. Both the 40″ version and the 1’05” version expand on material from other, unfinished works.
Fanfare on Wagner’s Bridal Chorus (Fanfare No. 10) Wagner/Casey Five Trumpets MD Wedding 15.00 Wagner’s Bridal Chorus from Lohengrin with an original fanfare opening. Third part obligato requires high range.
Far Above Cayuga’s Waters arr. Casey Band ME Traditional 5.00
Far Above Cayuga’s Waters arr. Casey Brass Quintet ME Traditional/Folk 6.00
Far Above Cayuga’s Waters arr. Casey Choral ME Traditional/Folk 6.00 An alma mater arranged for Highland Community College’s ensembles. The instrumental versions are lyrics-less and therefore transportable for other purposes.
Far Above Cayuga’s Waters arr. Casey Choral w/Vocal Duet ME Traditional/Folk 8.00
Felix Loved the Trumpet Mendelssohn/Casey Five Trumpets MD Wedding 15.00 Mendelssohn’s Wedding March arranged for five trumpets.   Flashy fanfare opening.
First Noel, The arr. Casey Brass Quintet Easy Christmas 8.00 A solid arrangement of the familiar carol for your holiday gigs.
Five-Ring Music (version A) Williams/Casey Pep Band/Stands Band ME Festive Contact Two olympic themes arranged for athletic bands.
Four Woodland Sketches MacDowell, transcr. Casey Woodwind Quintet MD Suite Contact Setting of four Edward MacDowell piano pieces for wind quintet. Performed by US Air Force’s Heartland of America Wind Quintet, Offutt AFB, NE.
Funeral March Halevy, transcr. Casey Orchestra MD March 40.00  
God Bless America arr. Casey Brass Quintet Easy Patriotic 6.00 With intro, this arrangement may be used to accompany vocalists or an audience.
Huldigungsmarsch Grieg, arr. Casey Brass Ensemble (4+2+3+1) MD Festive March 25.00 From the Grieg suite Sigurd Jorsalfar — works perfectly for large brass ensemble.
Il Est Ne arr. Casey Brass Quintet Easy Christmas 8.00 The centuries-old carol arranged with varying textures for holiday quintet use (and for any occasion!).
Intrada Casey Brass Sextet with Percussion ADV Profound Contact Using a tone row as a springboard, the first four notes become a pitch class set and are treated both atonally and tonally. For two trumpets, horn, two trombones, tuba, and percussion (snare, tom, and triangle).
Joy to the World Händel, arr. Casey Brass Quinet MD Christmas 15.00 Begins with the traditional but moves in syncopations and a few difficult rhythmic patterns. Definitely joyful!
Kriegslied Schubert, transcr. Casey Brass Quintet ADV March 12.00 A charmingly energetic, concise Schubert piano march.
March Funèbre Sor, transcr. Casey Chamber Orchestra ADV March 40.00  
Marche Lugubre Gossec, transcr. Casey Wind Band ME March 35.00 A new edition of Gossec’s historical hingepin work from the French Revolution. Consultant/Advisor: Ken Singleton.
Marcia Funerale Heinrich, transcr. Casey Brass Ensemble (6+2+3+1) MD March 20.00 First edition of this funeral march from Antony Philip Heinrich.
Mode Mahogany Casey Jazz Combo MD Jazz 15.00 Modal combo chart for four horns (alto, trumpet, tenor, bone) and rhythm section. Bass ostinato.
Motet (Op. 29, No. 2 – Schaffe in Mir) (Brahms) Brahms, transcr. Casey Brass Quintet

Note:  Mvmt. 1 available for band

MD Profound 30.00 Setting for brass quintet of the entire Brahms choral motet. Glorious sonorities.
My Funny Valentine arr. Casey Brass Quintet Moderate Jazz Contact Arranged for a Valentine’s Day gig; features flugelhorn.
National Hymn Fanfare: Bravada, March, and The People’s Refreshing Casey Brass Ensemble (3+2+3+1+1) MD Patriotic, regal 18.00 This award-winning 2.5-minute fanfare, written with the first anniversary of 9/11/2001 in my heart, is for small brass choir (3 tpt, 2 hn, 2 tbn, bs tbn, euph, tuba) and is based on the hymn tune “National Hymn” by George Warren. Three non-interrupted sections. Available from Grand Mesa Music Publishers (
Nymphes des Bois Josquin, transcr. Casey Clarinet Choir ME Renaissance, funereal 15.00 Beautifully elegiac piece by Josquin–good for tone, tuning, and blend.
O Come, O Come, Emmanuel arr. Casey Brass Quartet Easy Christmas 5.00 Horn solo leads off this easy, yet effective arrangement of the familiar carol. Give your first trumpet player a rest in your holiday gigs–arranged for flugel (or trumpet), horn, trombone, and tuba.
O Filii et Filiae Leisring/Casey Brass Ensemble (4+2+2+2) ME Baroque 20.00 Double choir piece (SSAA/TTBB) by Volckmar Leisring, arranged for 3 tpts & 2horns plus 1 tpt, 3 trombones, and tuba.
Orfeo ed Euridice Gluck, transcr. Casey Theatre Orchestra ADV Opera Contact An engraving/ reduction/arrangement of key portions of Gluck’s score for orchestra. This score was utilized in the University of Northern Colorado’s spring 2006 Opera Scenes production. (2fl, 2ob, bn, 2 hn, 2 vn, vc, continuo [guitar])
Peaceable Kingdom Thompson, arr. Casey Brass Ensemble (3+2+3+1+1+3 perc) ADV Dramatic Contact Randall Thompson’s choral masterpiece has inspired thousands. This transcription of five movements retains all the original richness and glory, enhanced with percussion.  This glorious choral work based on messianic prophecies in Isaiah provided my most extended raptures during choral experiences as an undergraduate.  The technical difficulties are few, and the music is largely homophonic, but the effect of the movements, which deal with wars and multitudes, respite by a brook, howling, angelic announcements, and heaven, is unmistakable and of high impact.
Prayers:  Four Hymntune Settings Various, arr. Casey Brass Quintet MD Reverent 30.00 Four inspired hymntunes?Eternal Father, Strong To Save; All Praise To Thee, My God, This Night; Shepherd of Souls; and O Perfect Love.  These settings make a wonderful cycle or may be performed singly.
Provincia (Fanfare No. 3) Casey Brass Ensemble (3+4+3+1+1+timp) (3+3+3+1+1+timp) (3+3+3+1+timp) ADV Regal 20.00 Brief, bustling fanfare for 3 tpt, 4 hn, 3 tbn, euph, tuba, and timpani. Premiered by the Kansas City Brass Project, May 2005.  Alternate versions for side-by-side additional players, 3 horns, 3 horns and no euph.
Regal Procession (Fanfare No. 2) Casey Brass Ensemble (3+2+3+1+3 perc) ME Regal 15.00 Expanded work based on “Anticipation Fanfare and Procession” (see above).
Renegade arr. Casey Pep Band/Stands Band MD Pop/rock Contact Arrangement of the 70s Styx classic.
Sing We and Chant It Morley, transcr. Casey Brass Quintet Easy Christmas 10.00 An exact transcription from Morley’s original madrigal. Includes alternate bass part for euphonium (or second trombone)
Stands1 arr. Casey Pep Band/Stands Band ME Pop/rock 5.00 A brief stands “cheer” for Pep Band.
Star-Spangled Banner Smith, arr. Casey SSAATB MD Patriotic 25.00 A few altered meters/rhythms and some fresh harmonies give this version its presence. The dignity of the national anthem is retained.
Still, Still, Still arr. Casey WW Quartet and Marimba ME Christmas 5.00 Simple arrangement of the Christmas classic for flute, clarinet, alto and tenor saxophones, and marimba.
The Daily Globe March Arr. Casey Brass Ensemble (3+1+2+1+1+perc) MD March 12.00 One of America’s historical “newspaper marches” (the most famous being Sousa’s “Washington Post”), this delightful piece was unearthed by the Atchison (Kansas) County Historical Society. Transcribed by commission for brass ensemble and percussion, and later, for orchestra, from the piano score. Grade 3.
The Daily Globe March Latenser, transcr. Casey Orchestra MD March 25.00
The Rowan Tree arr. Casey Young Band ME Traditional/Folk 20.00 A Scottish folk tune with “Alma Mater” lyrics.
Three Chorales for Wind Band arr. Casey Wind Band ME Chorales 25.00  
Three Muffat Miniatures Muffat/Casey Brass Quintet MD Baroque 20.00 Movements of Georg Muffat, arranged for the sensitive brass quintet.  This set of three for quintet includes a Bouree, Adagio, and Gigue pour des Anglois.
Three Muffat Pieces Muffat/Casey Brass Ensemble (4+2+2+2) MD Baroque 25.00 Movements of Georg Muffat, arranged for the sensitive brass ensemble (double quintet). This set of three for quintet includes a Gavotta, Adagio, and Rondeau.
Tubaphoria Casey Marching Tubas Moderate Pop/rock 12.00 Crowd-pleasing stands “cheer” for 3 tuba/sousa parts with snare drum.
Two Warmup Chorales arr. Casey Brass Ensemble (2+2+2+1+1) ME Regal 7.50  
UNC Season Opener (Fanfare No. 8) Casey Pep Band/Stands Band Moderately ADV Festive 35.00 As crowd-pleasing as John Williams and as exciting and anything you’ll hear on the field or from the stands.Brilliant and captivating.

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