ENCOUNTER Music Originals

Original Christian Music
by Brian Casey (ASCAP)

The music of Encounter Music is

  • Often scripture-impelled
  • Often related to real experiences and to real people
  • Consistently faith-fueled
  • Driven by a desire to foster genuine encounter with YHVH God

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A Chosen People Congreg/Guitar3 Written on a beautiful June afternoon while contemplating the upcoming Fourth of July weekend and our tremendously more significant identity as a Christian nation, this song exudes warmth and confidence. Its lyrics are drawn from concepts in 1 Peter chapters 1 and 2, and it is lovingly dedicated to some dear, Christ-honoring siblings in Atchison and Leavenworth, Kansas. Christian identity/unity, general praise, scripture, energetic worship
A New Song SATB2 The larger part of this simple song was written by Randy Gill and shared at a conference as a springboard to free, improvisatory worship. Without his knowledge, I made a couple of minor modifications and added a contrasting “B” phrase. Meditative praise
All Creation Sings Your Praise Congreg/Accomp2
Inspired while on a wonderful hike during a church camping trip with some great Christian siblings. Easily singable, and it’s also available in an a cappella arrangement. Nature/praise, energetic worship
All That I Am for All You Are SATB2-3 Written for teens at Camp Manatawny, this worship song gives expression to the notion of offering all of ourselves the good, the bad, the losses, and the successes  to God. No matter the condition in which I find myself today, Here I am surrendered, and I must give my all to His All. Generalworship,ChristianlivingYouth
An Hour In Your Presence Congreg/Accomp2
Simple, pure worship in the presence of our gracious God. In the center of the throne room is awesome power, and this flowing, contemporary worship chorus helps one to be aware of it. Available in solo (lead sheet) or SATB versions. ContemplativeworshipHymn
As For Me SATB2 Taken from Psalm 17:15.Easy to catch on to; chorus repeats several times with one voice part dropping out each time. Iterations encourage meditation on being with God forever. General worship, scripture
Behold the Glories SATB1 Words by the young Isaac Watts were his first; this is also the composer’s first hymn tune. Singable praise of Jesus. Recorded by the Harding A Cappella Alumni Chorus, August 1997. GeneralworshipHymn
Break Down the Wall Solo/Accomp4 A song of passionate appeal to God to remove barriers between Him and the would-be worshipping follower.  Even in our weakness and sin, we want with all our hearts to enter into His presence.  He will graciously break down the wall if we will let Him. General worship
Calling On You Solo/Piano3 Emerging from a spiritually dry period can be challenging to faith. Try this song as a means of buoying renewal. Inner struggles are apparent, and yet a determination to trust in God rides high. Prayer, deep need
Can I Believe? SATB2 Half of this piece is two-part only (soprano and tenor).It was born out of a time of deep need of the Lord. Harmonically simple; built on I and bVII chords. Prayer, deep need, general worship
Come Into My Heart of Hearts Solo/Piano3 Without God inside us, we are destined to fail Him. Remember the strength He offers! The song is a humble, passionate expression for God. Prayer,deepneedYouth
Come To Me SATB3-4 A book by Gary Collier helped illuminate Jesus’ invitation (Matt. 11:28-30).This song, from Jesus’ viewpoint, captures the passion of the anti-Pharisaic message of Matthew. Alternating bass soli and SAT trio compel that Jesus, Whose desire is mercy and not sacrifice, will lighten our load.

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Christian living, scripture
Come, Thou Almighty King Solo/Organ [pno] Pompous chords establish the regal atmosphere for this setting of modified Isaac Watts lyrics. Trumpet parts may be adapted from the piano score. Father-worshipHymn
Communion Solo/Piano2 For most of my adult life, I have had a lover’s quarrel with the set of practices we ritualistically call the Lord’s Supper or “communion.” Frankly, the experience has rarely drawn my spirit as it has longed to be drawn. Yet there are many riches to be explored in communing–vertically, with the Christ, as well as horizontally, with the siblings. These lyrics are some of my best: “Anticipating holy fire/meeting You is our desire.”  “Mystery of Your own design/It’s more than a memory, we find.”  “Sweet communion!”  May we reach in all directions to make the experience sweet, as often as we do it. Communion
Coronasia SATB3 A familiar hymnic theme is that of the Lord as King. This composition re-appropriates portions of the well-loved hymns “All Hail the Pow’r of Jesus’ Name, “Crown Him With Many Crowns,” and evenJoy to the World,” among others. A quasi-fantasia on familiar hymns to the reigning Lord. Jesus-worship
Emmanuel SATB2-3 “A carol to our Lord inspired by the writings of John,” reads the subtitle. Beautiful, singable melody; easily learned by any a cappella group or adaptable for solo and small, acoustic ensemble. Recorded by the Ritchie Family, August 1992. Jesus-worship,scriptureHymn
Eyes to the Sky Solo/Piano3 A wide-eyes expression of praise to the Creator of nature, with emphasis on the beautiful scenery so easily beheld in Montana, the “Land of the Sky.” Nature/praise, energetic worship
Faithful  Solo/Guitar3 Oneofmybestsolosongs,thisisanexpressionofsubmissiveconfidenceintheLord’sfaithfulness. Father-worship,commitment/trust
Father, Hear the Prayer We Offer SATB1 A captivating new hymn tune for the worthy, submissively prayerful text.  In minor.  Easily singable by any congregation or choral group. Prayer,deepneedHymn
Find Favor In Me Solo/Piano2 A prayer seeking security as new paths are travelled.  Suitable for congregational use. Prayer, deep need
First Thing In the Morning SSAT5 This work’s initial impetus was Isaac Watts’s hymn Early, My God, Without Delay, yet the contemporary flair is apparent in the use of close, modern harmonies and rhythms, as well as up-to-date phrasings of thoughts from Psalm 63. Father-worship
For Ever With the Lord SATB1 Lyrics by James Montgomery; an early hymn-style effort. Effective minor-to-major tune begins each stanza in unison for emphasis. Heaven/futureHymn
From Ev’ry Stormy Wind Solo/Piano2 We all need a retreat from the storms of life. To know that mercy is found in Jesus is of ultimate comfort.  A new tune and a new mood for these comforting, contemplative words. Contemplative worship
Give My Words Wings SATB or Solo/Piano2 At times, we can’t find words to express worship.  With its serene-yet-passionate tune, this song will aid in times alone with the Lord, as you always depend on Him even for words through which to worship Him! Contemplative worship
Glimpses of Your Glory SATB2 Emphatic in style, this piece could be adapted for a soloist with a lot of power in his or her voice.  The lyrics spring from O.T. encounters with the living God to modern-day desire for the same. Father-worship, scripture, energetic worship
Glory and Power To Jesus SATB1-2 Following an exceptionally praise-filled assembly, God gave this congregational hymn.  As it is sung, worshippers emulate those who, even now, circle the throne giving honor and glory to the Lion of Judah. Jesus-worship,heaven/futureHymn
God Above Solo/Guitar3 Co-written with my wife, this effervescent praise song properly contrasts the notion of “lifting one’s eyes to the hills” with the actually significant notion of the ultimate source of help — not the mountains, but the Lord. Father-worship, nature/praise
God of Heaven Solo/Accomp4 Sometimes we feel we’re hearing God’s voice and sensing His leading, and then the situation changes so drastically that we find we must’ve been mistaken. In these times, we return to statements of trust like those of Moses and David in Psalms 90 and 91, and we ask the Lord of all generations to show again the depth and breadth and length of His love for His pilgrim children. Father-worship, prayer, deep need
God of the Storm Solo/Accomp5 The lightning storms and tornadic activity in the Midwest are frequent reminders of God’s might. With material taken primarily from Job and the Psalms, the singer is reminded to worship the Lord in the splendor of holiness when faced with His awesome power. Unfinished Father-worship
He Is Our God Two-part2 Conceived on a drive under the Heartland sky, this is an accessible praise song that uses an echo (leader/congregation or men/women) in the verse.  God is Creator of the beauty we see; we live and move because of His expansive power; and yet He is faithful, devoted Parent to each one. Father-worship,
He Rose Up SATB3 A song of resurrection-day praise to Jesus.  He has conquered!  Inspired by Chuck Smith’s Sunday morning message at Camp Manatawny, June 24, 2001. Jesus-worship
Holy Fire SATB2 Jeremiah 20:9 relates that God is in our hearts like a burning fire, and that concept formed the theme of a teenage retreat for which this song was written.  Simple, unison echoes (men/women) in the verse, and a forceful, full-chord plea tofan the flames of my desire” in the chorus. Father-worship, scripture, energetic worship
How Awesome Is His Name SATB3 God gave Katie Meadows these lyrics in 20 minutes at a youth retreat.  The chorus is particularly compelling, and the song works equally well as a solo with accompaniment by a small ensemble. Father-worshipYouth
Hungry, and Faint, and Poor Solo/Strings1 An extraordinarily subdued, mystifying new tune for a (slightly modified) set of words that have drawn me since I was a teenager.  I am nothing without my God, and regularly I approach His door, knocking again to receive from His generous hand. ContemplativeworshipHymn
I Am, and I Am With You SATB2 Lyrics by Sarah Meadows . . . a reassuring word from God set to an appropriately victorious, simple tune. Father-worship, scripture
I Am Not Ashamed  Two-part2 Not that the old tune and lyrics were bad, because they’re still regularly sung … but I wanted to update this energizing song of devotion and desire to hold fast.  Most of the original thoughts are present and/or expanded.  Two-part echo construction, except for last three measures SATB. Commitment, trust
I Behold You SATB1 The humble believer is in is element while singing this hymn, which relates the spiritual perception of the Son to the purifying, soul-stirring vision of the Father of Isaiah 6.  In beholding the Son, we see the Magnificent One and worship Him.  Recorded by the Harding University A Cappella Alumni Chorus, August 1997. Contemplativeworship,scriptureHymn
I Believe God Melody only1 Written to support a Christian camp theme from the book of Joshua, this is a simple, declamatory chorus that expresses firm trust in God to lead. Children’s song,
I Believe In God Melody only1 Written for children at the Westview Church, to support a faith-developing
series on reasons to believe.
Children’s song,
I Hold On To You Solo/Accomp3 There is only one thing worth holding on to, and His name is Jesus.  This piece, musically and lyrically passionate, is a personal expression of loving commitment to Jesus. “Clinging to You, there’s a clearer view. . . .” Commitment/trust
In the Bread and Wine SATB2 In the chorus, we plead with the Lord to imbue the Body with His life.  A simple, intimate, unison melody forms the opening prayer and then becomes a 2-part round to close the piece.  Moving as a personal, anytime prayer or during corporate communion. Communion
In the Halls Of My Mansion SATB2 This song, musically reminiscent of a familiar folk ballad, was born out of a distinct image of Heaven that God provided during a time of personal worship. Works well with solo and guitar. Heaven/future, general praise
In the Heavenlies SATB4 Worship occurs primarily in the supernatural/spiritual realm; this song is musically challenging while conveying this and other important messages from the Ephesian letter.  In a triumphant minor mood. General worship
In the Stillness of the Morning ST/SSAATTBB4 Resurrection Morning was not likely as jubilant as is sometimes envisioned.  Meditative and intense, this song can be sung by as few as 7 vocalists, omitting doublings.   Opening soprano/tenor duet. Jesus-worship
Is There a Place For Me? Solo/Backup/Accomp4 Borne of searchings for my place in this world, this is a child’s cry to his Father for security and a sense of worth in the midst of troublesome questionings.  Rhythm section accompaniment with two backup vocals (optional). Prayer, deep need
It Is Because of Him SATB2 Taken from 1 Corinthians 1:30-31, this memory chorus emphasizes the Lord Jesus as the One from Whom we derive our identity.  Singable by any group. Christian identity, general praise, scripture
It Is Finished  Solo/Accomp3 A spiritually charged, personal expression of devotion to Jesus for His finished work at the cross. Subdued, almost mystical music. Jesus-worship, communion
Jesus, Lord and Saviour SATB2 Sweet, flowing, hymnic in style.  Worshipful lyrics, inspired primarily by Charles Sheldon’s In His Steps, convey longing to be devoted to following the Master at every turn.  Recorded by the Harding A Cappella Alumni Chorus, August 1997. Jesus-worship,ChristianlivingHymn
Just One Friend Solo/Accomp3 There are lonely times in our lives in which our souls cry out for just one true friend. We are needy before the Lord, and the support of fellow Christians is crucial, but it is Jesus who will ever be the True Friend. You’ll enjoy this lively song. Commitment/trustYouth
Keep In Step With the Spirit S/SATB3 A lively song sung to each other puts fire in a disciple’s walk.  Predominantly two-part, the final chorus includes an ad lib soprano descant; more contemplative tag reminds of the essence of the Spirit. Commitment/trust, scripture
Keep Not Our Eyes SATB2-3 / Reader The two Emmaus-bound disciples were kept from seeing Him. Worshipping in a flowing 6/4, though, singers of this song yearn to recognize, to see Jesus. A reader relates Biblical manifestations of Jesus during “oos.” Jesus-worship,scriptureHymn
King Jesus SATB3 A familiar, loosely translated parable forms the basis for this song in which loving subjects are transitioned from an earthly to a heart- concept of His rule.  Vigorous, catchy chorus; ends meditatively. Jesus-worship, scripture
Let Me See You Solo/Accomp3 This life has the capacity to obscure our view of the Lord who so wants to illuminate every corner of our existence, and so we beg Him to open His arms, to welcome us . . . to let us see Him through it all.  Prayerful lyrics by my wife, supplemented by a traditional poem:  “Only What’s Done for Christ Will Last.” Prayer, deep need
Light of the World SATB2 A retreat in the North Central Pennsylvania mountains centered on the meaning of the scriptural descriptions (names) of Jesus.  In the three verses of this brief song (which can dovetail with Michael Card’s “You Are the Light of the World”), the worshipper expresses a need for and gratitude for the illuminating presence of Jesus. Verse 2 by Bret Lewis. Jesus-worship,prayer,deepneedYouth
Little Piece of Heaven, A Solo/Accomp3 I did a lot of growing while a teenager at Camp Manatawny in Southeastern Pennsylvania.  My return to work there for a week as an adult was marked by some extremely wonderful emotions.  The song is a tribute to the teens from Sr. High II Week of 1998. Heaven/future,Christianidentity/unityYouth
Long Time Solo/Accomp3 These thoughts are born out of a long period of distance from God (adesert”).  A soulful prayer rises, begging for the light of Deity to guide.  The song calls for a strong voice that can communicate a determined readiness to “stake a claim in the power of His name,” but there are also weaker mournings of the perceived ocean between God and His child. Prayer, deep need
Lord Above All  SATB3 A hymn whose first stanza was written in 5 minutes one afternoon.  (Thank You, Creator God, for making us in Your image.)  Dedicatedtomyparents,whocontinuetoinstillinmealoveofgreathymns. Father-worship
Lord of All  3-part2
Written while driving in Kansas one afternoon, this congregational worship chorus is attractive and singable.   Available as a solo in leadsheet format, or in SAB, SSA, or SATB voicings. Contemplative worship
Lord of Our Life SATB1-2 Samuel F. Smith wrote the lyrics long ago for this early hymn of the composer.  Worship of God is paramount as the creatures humble themselves in singing praise set to resonating harmonies. ContemplativeworshipHymn
Lord, I Call To You Solo/Accomp4 With a rock feel, this song is compelling to the contemporary ear.  Brief and repetitive, energizing modulation to bIII for bridge.  Full scoring for alto backup, 2 keyboards, bass, brass, vibes, drums. Energetic worship
Lord, I Want To See SATB2-3 Worshipful, intense and personal; draws from Jesus’ healing of a blind man as well as from the composer’s grandfather’s personal experience.  Equallyeffectiveasasolo/couldbeunaccompanied. Prayer,deepneed,Jesus-worshipHymn
May Your Glory, Lord, Fill This Place Solo/Accomp3 Room-filling sonorities of major- and minor-seventh and added ninth chords provide a powerful vehicle for yearning for the Glory of the Presence to overwhelm. Melody is lingering; thoughts are from II Chron. 6 and 7. General worship
Morning Freshness Gives Thee Glory SATB2 A traditional hymn setting of Mary Lea Thompson’s 1969 devotional lyrics.  At any time of day, the Lord may be found:  “Calm of evening . . . Thou art ling’ring in the shades to give Thy blessing.” Father-worshipHymn
My Soul Is Free Solo/Piano3ANDSATB3 A faith-journey on the occasion of the death of a loved one is the subject of these lyrics by Ernie DiStefano.  With an underlying, compelling desire to go on to the arms of the Father, the deep thoughts of one bereft are set to music that is filled with tender intrigue and then with triumph.  Choral (SATB) version is as effective as the original. Hymn
No One But You SATB2 Times of disillusionment are not the only times we must look to God as the Only.  No one to make us strong but Him.  No one to breathe His Spirit into us . . . none but Him so worthy of praise. Prayer, deep need, energetic worship
Noah, Noah Melody only1-2 Written for a five-year-old Sunday School class, the chorus is brief, hip,” and easily sung by youngsters.  The teacher/leader tells the story, from Noah’s perspective, in semi-rap fashion. Children’s song, commitment/trust
Not To Us SSAATTBB5 Though the execution of the difficult passages in this piece might call attention to the performers, the thought (Psalm 115) is that ONLY the Lord must get the glory. Predominantly 4-part/8-part at end. General praise, energetic worship
One Who Sees Me, The  Solo/Accomp2 InspiredbyWineskinsMagazineManagingEditorGregTaylor’sarticleaboutHagar,thismovingsongspeakstothedeepplacesineachoneofusthat,thoughafeelingofdistanceandabandonmentmaysurface,realizesthatGodsees,knows,andcares. Prayer, deep need, contemplative worship
Others SATB1 Encouraginganothers-focusinourlives,theseanonymouslyricsarewellweddedtoasimplehymntunethatiseasilysungbyanygroup. ChristianlivingHymn-style
Our Defender Solo/Accomp2 Co-written with my wife Karly, this is a subdued song of worship and trust–“God, You are our constant shield … Father, our defender, no one loves like You.” An ad libbridge allows the opportunity for worshipful repetition. Contemplative worship
Peniel (The Face of God) Solo/Accomp3 Struck by Walter Wangerin Jr.’s vivid oral account of Jacob’s wrestling with Yahweh, I began to think of the face of God. What would it be like to see the face of God?This earnest meditation seeks to trace the hand of God not only in His encounter with Jacob. Could our dark nights yield to illumination, to a realization that angelic energy is the Father’s love for me? Prayer, deep need, contemplative worship,scripture
Praise the Lord, O My Soul Two-part/SATB2 While hiking in my God’s grandeur that is Glacier National Park, feeling nothing less than exuberantly grateful for His creation, this song just popped out of my soul and onto my lips.  The tune’s a little child-like, but hey, that’s how I felt in His presence that wonderful morning.  Echoconstructioninthecalypso-likechorus;four-partintheslower,minor-keyverses. Children’s song,
Prayer SATB2 or
A prayer or CenterPeace, a well-conceived and inspiring support group.  Simple and singable — especially sung in unison, pitched lower, with guitar accompaniment — though the original vocal harmonies are beautifully serene. Prayer,deepneedHymn
Promise, The Solo/Accomp3 Knowing of Jesus rising after three dark days, we can be encouraged in our own dark times.  With an air of mystery aided by a Landon Saunders thought and a spoken T.S. Eliot poem at the end, this song attempts to communicate hope in the throes of darkness, fear, and doubt.  Original lyrics by Rob McRay, supplemented by the composer. Jesus-worship, commitment/trust
Psalm 77 SATB3-4 The opening is a short fugue which depicts a tense cry to God in time of trouble. Though an early work of the composer, the music gives wing to the Davidic motif of praising the Lord regardless.  Handwritten. Prayer, deep need
Put Your Heart At Ease SAB/opt. guitar2 This song was co-written by a teenager, Wade Bates, who thinks deeply about having a peaceful heart.  Simple, semi-country style.   Encourages living for God in order to feel at ease. ChristianlivingYouth
Remembering You Melody only1 This unison hymn serves beautifully as a prelude to the Lord’s Supper.   Only eight measures long, it’s a beautiful vehicle for focusing the believers’ thoughts before they partake.  Repeat it many times. CommunionHymn
Rock of Ages Solo/Accomp2 
The beauty of dependency on the Christ is at the core of these hymn lyrics, which Christians should have in their hearts always. Completely new music, with a hauntingly contemplative melody in the Dorian mode; some lyrics are updated/renewed.  Available in solo (lead sheet) format or in a special SATB arrangement that could feature a soloist or all sopranos. Contemplative worship
Rushing Wind Solo/Strings2 A stirring prayer to the Spirit-wind of God to blow through the soul. Dennis Jernigan’s lyrics are re-set to a tune with yearning in its character.  Could serve well as an unaccompanied solo during group prayer which invites self-examination. Contemplative worship
Separated Solo/Accomp4 After witnessing a rather humdrum Easter Service but noticing the conviction of those leading it, I resolved not to let my heart become dull to Golgotha.  Jesus was “separated from holiness,” but my heart need not be separated from His love.  Strong rock; emphatic music and lyrics. Jesus-worship, energetic worship
Sing Out To You Solo/Accomp3 Often I am inspired by the beauty God has placed in the natural world.  In drawing attention to such occurrences as gentle rains and mountain grandeur, this congregational praise song, co-written by Karly Nawrocki, encourages believers to sing out praise to the Lord in harmony with His world. Nature/praise,
energetic worship
Song for a Princess Solo/BGV/Accomp3 A prayer for the healing of a special young girl who crossed (and left, just as quickly) my life path.  
“Lord, keep her in Your loving hand.”  Pop style.
Stand Up and Praise SATB3 Inspired by a Zoe Group confererence’s attention to Nehemiah 9:5, this is a
compact call to worship with “umph”–singable by any modern “praise team,” and, soon after hearing it once or twice, by most congregations.
General praise, energetic worship
Strong Is Our God SATB1-2 As fortified and majestic as the ring of its title, this hymn was written in response to a cry, from the leader of a seminar on praying in the Psalms, for more hymns of praise from today’s musicians. Generalworship,Father-worshipHymn
Sweet Caravan to the Sod I Loved Solo/Guitar2 Life’s fullness brings incredible emotion at times.  My mother’s lyrics were written with a precious event firmly in mind:  a memorial caravan to the old homeplace of Granddaddy Ritchie. It’s as if he were there in the flesh—watching, loving, appreciating, encouraging. . . . Commitment/trust, heaven/future
Thank You, Oh, My Father SATB1 The lyrics of Melody Green, already used in a Keith Green favorite (unbeknownst to a young composer), are here in a more hymnic (unauthorized) setting.  An expression of thanks to and longing for the Father. ContemplativeworshipHymn
The Balm of the Night Solo/Guitar & Strings3 The poetry of Tracie Whitfield (at 16!) is remarkable in its mature sense of beauty and abandon, and the song is an attempt to capture the mood of a peace-bringing walk in the woods with God. Contemplative worship
The Bridge Solo/Piano3 Lyrics by Mike Francis express the emotion felt upon coming to a difficulty in life.  Though there are difficult valleys, He provides the bridge — to cross them, all the while offering us hope of being with Him forever. Commitment/trustYouth
The Cross SATB2 These lyrics by Ernie DiStefano, set to a traditional hymn tune, are a very personal, ardent expression of adoration and gratitude for the work of our Savior Jesus on the cross. Contemplativeworship,JesusHymn
The Gift Solo/Accomp2 Lyrics by Ernie DiStefano manifest a deep desire to be compelled in the Christian life by the nearness of God.  A plaintive melody. Prayer, deep need
The Son of God SAB2 For youth and youth-at-heart who want to encourage friends to come and meet my friend–the son of God, the syncopations really are quite easy to catch on to. You’ll enjoy Winston Hamby’s lyrics. Jesus-worshipYouth
There You Are Solo/Accomp3 Contemporary worship, singable by an even mildly hip congregation.  There You are “Morning Star. Near and far, there You are.” Energetic worship
This We Proclaim  SATB3 Dedicated to the Northland Mission Church in Kansas City, this song is a foundational statement of congregational identity. Pointing to the Lord and His fellowship as the letter of 1 John, small groups as well as larger congregations will benefit from this solid faith statement. Christian identity/unity
To Soar Solo/Accomp3 Every now and then, God gives us mountaintop experiences.  Writtenforaveryspecialfriendwhohadnotalwayssoared,thisisaprayerfromherperspective,asitwere — bothphysically,asshestoodatahighplaceandlookedoutoveramazingsights,andspiritually,assheviewslifefrom “ontopoftheworld”withGod.God,bewithherpowerfully;enablehertosoar. Prayer,deepneed,commitment/trustYouth
To the One Who Sits On the Throne 2-part2 A part-indirect, part-direct song of lavish praise to the Father and to the Lamb.   Simple tune — easily learned — which is developed into a rousing round. A perfect new song of praise for any group! General praise, energetic worship
Together We Can SATB2 Commissioned for a thematic tie-in at a Christian camp, this song uses syncopated rhythms in a catchy tune.  Voices are symbolically brought into unison at the end.  Togetherness finds its highest calling in pointing each other to the Lord! Generalpraise,Christianidentity/unity,commitment/trustYouth
Waiting To Hear From You Solo/Piano3 If King David had lived today, He might have written this prayer — a humble, needy expression of desire to please His God.  The chorus could be a repeating fade-out:  “God, I’m on my knees.”  I’m waiting to hear from You!   Lyrics by Dave Shultz. Prayer, deep need
Wanting To Be In Touch With the Father SATB4 At a loss in attempting to discern His will?  Getting to know His heart  and sinking into union with His Spirit, we’ll be able to determine spiritually how best to please Him.  The song is intense, determined, and it moves! Energetic worship, Jesus-worship
Warm Me With the Son Solo/Piano3 Heart-to-heart conversations with Jeff Bogue led to his sharing some wonderful lyrics he’d been working on.  A passionate confession,this is a spiritual traveloguewith appreciable drama. Christian living, prayer
We Are Pilgrims SATB2 Scripture often teaches us that we don’t belong in this world permanently. This song reminds us of our heritage in spiritual pilgrimage with 4 verses (in a minor key) enveloped by 2 liberated, joyful choruses. ChristianlivingHymn
We Meet To Remember You Melody only1 This uncomplicated, eight-measure chorus brings out Paul’s ideas of proclaiming Jesus until He comes and unified partaking of the Lord’s Supper.  Can be learned in no time and is easily harmonized ad lib.  Repeat it often. CommunionHymn
We Meet To Remember You
 SATB2 Essentially the same brief text as the 1992 version, but the tune here is Mixolydian
and perhaps aided by guitar accompaniment until the four parts are learned. Useful as a communion meditation … perhaps repeatedly, during an extended Lord’s Supper experience.
What a Sweet Thought Solo/Guitar2 My best friend once longed openly for her home, and I will never forget it.  That’s why this updating of One Sweetly Solemn Thought—a song in which the Christian openly and starkly revels in the notion that his time to move toward the Throne is imminent—is dedicated to her.  The song also honors the life of the late Elma Lea Holladay Hook, wife of Cecil Hook, who has, in my friend Cecil’s words, moved into theland of the eternally living.” Heaven/future
When God Whispers Your Name Solo/Piano3 Lyrics were inspired in Wade Bates as he read Max Lucado’s book by this same title. An introspective song that manifests a passionate belief.  Inspiring! Christian living
Where Would We Be Without You, Lord? SAB/descant2 The worshipful thoughts of Rochelle Rose, combined with soulful, plaintive music with a sinking alto line, work well with 3 vocalists and guitar or a cappella.  “You are the answer!” cry the lyrics, emphasized by the descant. ContemplativeworshipYouth
Who May Ascend? (Psalm 24:3-4a) SATB3 Written for the Westminster Church of Christ as we considered together the very special approach to God’s throne.  Who may ascend to worship?  Those who have pure hearts.  Women echo men as the simple verse trumpets the questions, and the chorus confidently responds. Energetic worship
With My Eyes Wide Open SATB3 In his counseling profession, lyricist Terry Thomas was determined to keep a spiritual focus in the face of much “smooth talk” and Godless lying in the world.  Jazzy, accented musical style highlights forceful feelings. Christian living
Won By One SATB3-4 Though we were unworthy “prizes” for His saving effort, Jesus was the One who was willing to give it all to win us.  Written for our church youth group to complement their slogan/logo, this song also served as the theme song for a terrific, Christ-honoring retreat. Jesus-worshipYouth
Worshipping You Alone  Solo/Piano3 A mountaintop worship passage from Revelation anchors this contemporary anthem.  Congregationally singable.  Bridge captures the heart:  Bowing down to kiss Your feet, this worship makes my life complete. Contemplative worship
Yahweh-Rophe  Solo/piano or guitar4 Psalm 23 took on fresh meaning one morning at a pre-workday prayer meeting.   A comparatively effortless project, this is my addition to songs of countless “psalmists” who have set these thoughts of David to music. Verses have an air of mystery in 7/4 and in a minor key.  The effervescent, melodic chorus asks Yahweh to continue His kind, devoted, daily leading. Contemplative worship,prayer
You Are God  SATB2 Simple, congregational praise song.  Acclaims God for Who He is, expresses devotion, and concludes with a “Hallelujah! Amen!” Energetic worship
You Are Inescapable SATB3-4 Teenage lyricist Rochelle Rose wrote the up-to-date, God-honoring words–perfect for the worshipping youth group.  Challenging key change at the bridge, but the expressive vigor of the music impels people to praise with this song.   He is Awesome in power . . . surrounding me this hour! EnergeticworshipYouth
You Are My Child S or T/A/B1-2 Sometimes we hear voices that seem to tell us we’re worthless.  This simple song, written for a retreat, draws the worshipper’s attention to the loving, parental voice of God.  Lead (representing God’s voice) can be either male or female. ContemplativeworshipYouth
You Who Seek God SATB3 This modern-day Psalm affirms, with an effective unison opening, God’s continual seeking after hearts who love Him.  A memorable “echo chorus” creates the effect of resounding, continual praise.  You’ll be singing all week! General praise
Your Love SATB3 When Max Lucado opens his mouth, poetry from God flows (and I am inspired!).  This song is an intimate reflection from child to loving Father on the gently parental, caring, providing love that flows from heaven to earth.  As Max says, God loves me far too much to leave me where I am . . . He is continually molding & transforming me. Contemplative worship
Your Will Is My Desire Solo/Piano or Guitar2 The antecedent lyrics are from the hymn My Jesus, As Thou Wilt, a beautiful expression of utter submission.  Four stanzas are collapses into three, with such expressions as my anxious thoughts dissolve in Christ alone, the hunger of my soul grows stronger every hour,  and the concluding I say with all my heart, His will be done. Contemplative worship