ENCOUNTER Music Arrangements

Arrangements of Christian Music 
by Brian Casey (ASCAP)

Many of the arrangements listed below were completed under the auspices of congregational CCLI licensing, or by special arrangement with the publishers, and cannot legally be sold.  While you may contact the arranger for details on how to obtain and utilize the songs, we encourage only serious inquiries.  It may in some cases be advantageous to purchase sheet music from a major music publisher.  On the other hand, we can in most cases make copies available to properly licensed parties for a nominal engraving/handling charge.

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(not printable) scores available. 
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TITLE Voicing/Difficulty (1=easy) Description
Adeste Fidelis SSA/SATB/Tpt/Tbn/Piano/Timp3 The familiar carol!  A showy, yet dignified finale for your holiday concert.  For three treble soloists (may be collapsed to one or two), SATB choir, piano, brass, and percussion.  Unfinished
Agnus Dei SAB1 A wondrously repetitive arrangement of Michael W. Smith’s tune reiterates “Alleluia!  For our Lord God Almighty reigns!  Holy are You, Lord God Almighty. Worthy is the Lamb!” Vain repetition this is not!
All My Heart    SATB divisi4 Every time I noticed this tune, a 17th-century setting of a translation of a German text, in the hymnal, I was attracted to the purity of its adoring thoughts.  This interesting choral setting uses meter changes and minimal divisi.  Suitable for advanced   high school and collegiate choirs.
Ancient of Days T/SATB4 Invigorating “island” rhythmic patterns and Biblical words of worship and high praise abound in this song.  Tenor solo in the bridge.
And Can It Be? (Amazing Love) TTTBB4 GLAD’S recording moved many; this is a transcription of the voicings on their “Acappella Project” album.  Some harmonies are close; solid bass and tenor descant are needed.
Another Time, Another Place SAATTB/Solo4 Sandy Patti and Wayne Watson made this Dove award-winner famous.  This adaptation uses alternating male and female solos and lets loose with a powerful “out” chorus.  “My heart’s been burnin’ . . . for another time . . .”
Anthem SSATTBB3-4 As sung by GLAD, this powerful call to praise puts the marvels of Heaven within our reach, but more important, it lifts us up to touch the One who lives there.  Unique, majestic words of glory and praise fill the skies!
Barocha SATB3 Michael Card’s simple, tuneful Barocha is a blessing in the truest sense.  This arrangement, which begins, as in the original, with a solitary voice, is smooth and unpretentious.  If you’re not using “The Lord Bless You” as a closer, consider this one.
Be Still and Know That I Am God SATB1 A meditative song loved by believers with varying tastes, it helps to satisfy the craving for the transcendent God.  Simple arrangement is singable by any group.
Benediction SATB1 A universally appealing, hymn-style selection, this Benediction by Michael Card emphasizes seeing the face of the Lord at the end of all things.  Congregationally singable!
Benediction SATB2 Written by Matt Redman and Jonas Myrin, this Benediction was arranged by request and is well suited to an a cappella congregation with moderately strong singing ability and some acquaintance with contemporary styles.
The Blessing In Praise RealAudio SSAATTB3 With predominantly simple SATB writing, this worship and praise medley combines some well-known worship and praise songs with some lesser-known ones.  The music is blended to create an opportunity for a praise team to lead in the ways of worship.  A small portion of the music is presentational, but most is congregational.
Break My Heart SATB1 This simple, touching song of yearning before the Lord was written by a Texas youth associated with Lubbock Christian University.  Clint (last name unknown) has winged his way into the hearts of many other young souls, and, I strongly suspect, well into the heart of God.
Breath of Heaven SAA3 Amy Grant made the prayerful, humble musings of Mary come to life in this song. This rendering (of the chorus only) is easily sung by three ladies.  “Breath of Heaven, hold me together; pour over me Your holiness!”
Coloring Song SSA2 Keith Lancaster recorded this song with His Image.  Each verse describes a different color symbolically, with the color’s taking on spiritual significance, i.e., “Blue is the color of a heart so cold . . . .”
A Common Love SATB1-2 Now familiar to many, “A Common Love” is arranged to solidify familiar harmonizations.  If your group sings this song but experiences uncertainty in improvising the harmony, this arrangement will help.
Conquerors/Thanks Be To God SAATTBB3 A 3-part “We’ve Been Made More Than Conquerors” is appropriately followed by the up-tempo rendition of I Cor. 15:57.Our victory in the Lord is at the forefront!
Constant  SSAATTBB5 Out of the Grey’s poignant expressions of 1) God’s constancy and 2) desire for reflection of that constancy from the individual Christian.  This is a difficult a cappella arrangement that should be attempted only by strong music readers with good ears.
Coronasia SATB3 A familiar hymnic theme is that of the Lord as King.  This composition reappropriates portions of the well-loved hymns “All Hail the Pow’r of Jesus’ Name,” “Crown Him With Many Crowns,” and even “Joy to the World,” among others.  A quasi-fantasia on familiar hymns to the reigning Lord.   Unfinished
Coventry Carol SAB1 The lyrics to this traditional Christmas carol are moving and intense, the arrangement simple and pure.
The Cross of Christ (medley) SAB2 “The way of the cross” is the theme of this collection of well-loved hymns and gospel songs.  “When I Survey” and “Jesus, Keep Me Near the Cross” are included. Optional solo.
Draw Me Close SSAATTBB5 No perceptive participant in contemporary Christian worship in recent years could  have avoided being drawn in by “Draw Me Close,” a beautifully intimate offering by the Katinas.  This arrangement is for an agile a cappella group with finely tuned ears and a keen sense of rhythm (though it uses minimal vocal percussion effects).
El Shaddai SATB/optional flute3 Alto lead a la Amy Grant is backed up by voicings that follow the original instrumental version.  Keyboard, mellow bass, and flute part make a nice combo if a solo is desired.
Father God SATB2 The composer of this beautifully simple prayer is unknown to me.  The song is sung regularly by the Westview church, where I learned it, was moved by it, and was impressed to standardize the music.
Father, We’re Your Children SATB1-2 The chorus of a song by Chris Christensen makes a lovely congregational prayer for unity.  Simple melody, effective harmonies.
First Noel, The SSA3 A three-part arrangement based on traditional harmonization.
Flesh of His Flesh SATB2 This is a beautiful expression of what it means to be the Body of Christ—a song of holy unity from Michael Card, arranged a cappella and singable by almost any group.
Gentle Healer AATB4 Looking at the notation may actually detract from the remembrances of the Master Healer who really did walk through Galilean towns and who touched and impacted lives, but having this written out can be just what is needed to perform this extraordinary piece.
Give Me the Eyes of Jesus SATB2 Terry Lafferty ministers to Christians, and if his life message even remotely resembles the Christ-orientation of this song, Terry has an amazing influence for the Lord.  Let me see things and people with the eyes of Jesus!
Give Me Jesus SATB3 The spiritual Give Me Jesus is a captivating expression of devotion — regardless of circumstances.  Recently revised and recorded by artist Fernando Ortega, it is singable by a congregation and is worthy of the time spent to internalize its thoughts and well-matched music.
Go and Tell John SAB2 Lloyd Pfautsch wrote the choral version; this reworking simplifies the music behind the energetic message Jesus sent to John the Baptizer.  If you’re telling the story of Jesus in song, this is a must sing addition to your program.
God’s Own Fool A/SATB4 Though the Christian life is simple, it is also complex and paradoxical.  Michael Card’s invitation to follow the life of Jesus highlights the foolishness that is perceived by the world.  The piece moves in syncopations and hemiola, featuring an alto soloist and all altos and sopranos.
Great Are You, Lord SATB/Descant2 Steve and Vikki Cook’s majestic, wholly worshipful ode can take you up into a whirlwind of praise.  Arrangement with soprano (or tenor) descant on the repeat gives new wings to this moving, God-honoring, contemporary hymn.
Great Divide SSAATTB5 Point of Grace’s hit single arranged for pure voices.  Features piercing unisons in the treble parts and powerful accompaniment figures in the tenor and bass.  You’ll be surprised at the effectiveness of this a cappella rendering of such a crucial, core Christian message.
He Is the One ST2 Dave Shultz’s song is taken directly from Revelation 1:  “He is the one who loves us, who made us free from our sins …”The 2-part setting allows for total concentration on the words of praise.
He’ll Do Whatever It Takes Bar/SATB Phillips, Craig, and Dean recorded this song—a poignant depiction of grace. Smooth, flowing accompaniment complements the baritone solo line.  Singers and hearers are guaranteed to be moved as the reminder penetrates:  “His grace reaches lower than your worst mistakes.”
Hold On Solo/Piano2 Mariann Snyder’s first effort at songwriting is dynamic, compelling, and encouraging.  The message is that since Jesus Christ has won the war, we can hold on during the daily battles.
Holy Lamb of God SB2 A simple but beautiful ode to the spotless Lamb.  Men are echoed by women in the first section; then the singers collectively raise voices in majestic praise.
Hosanna SSAAATB4-5 Melodie Tunney’s song is singable but powerful in this a cappella setting.  An alto soloist is featured, but melody lines are passed around.  Surprise ending expresses the meaning of “Hosanna.”(Thanks to David Tao for the initial work.)
Household of Faith SATB3 Steve Green made this famous; dual meaning of the lyrics makes it appropriate for churches as well as weddings and home settings.  Soprano or tenor solo opens the piece.  Experience the strengthening offered in this powerful song!
How Can I Keep from Singing? Sop solo / SATB3 An a cappella rendering of Enya’s serene prayer.  Accompaniment sings “oo” through most and accents key phrases with lyrics.  With a tasteful, lyrically flowing soprano soloist, this piece will deeply touch the hearts of many a listener.
How Great Is Our 
SATB3 Written by Chris Tomlin and friends, this song is probably already moving toward “Shout to the Lord”status among churches that sing contemporary songs.  This arrangement features an echo-style (women, then men) situating of lyrics in the verse, then a full setting of the chorus.  The bridge that adds the words “Name above all names” is set in two-part harmony for contrast.
How Majestic is Your Name SATB3 Michael W.  Smith’s classic praise song is given an a cappella boost (credit for the idea to Keith Lancaster) in the chorus.
I Stand In Awe of You SATB2 A beautiful song of worship the character of which is easily detected by meditating on its title.  Simple, direct, adoring worship is offered to God by the singers.
I Want To Know Christ SATB1 Unison beginnings of phrases emphasize the determination of the lyrics as singers repeat the Apostle Paul’s words in the presence of others who also want to knowHim.
I Will Offer Up My Life SATB2 Composer and worship leader Matt Redman’s song of total surrender is musically simple, inviting believers to assume the posture of a grateful worshipper who gives his all.
I Will Praise Him, Still SATB2 This remarkable, simple song of devotion is a real gem.  Its message of resolution to praise the All-Powerful, Faithful One has touched my spirit deeply.  Composer Fernando Ortega’s gifts certainly include the capacity for pure, heartfelt worship.
Immanuel SATB3 Michael Card’s original warmth is intact in this proven arrangement.  Soprano solo begins; expands to quartet.  Dynamic climax at “There is no depth or height that can ever separate us from the love of God in Christ.”
In Christ Alone / 
I Am Crucified
T/SATB4 Life resides in the Christ alone; everything is because of Him, from first to last.  In the first section of this cohesive medley, a tenor solo is featured.  The alto section is featured in the second section, and the respective choruses are overlaid at the end for a dramatic, Lord-honoring finale.
In the First Light SSAAATTBB4 It’s not difficult to make this piece ring with eager praise of the Savior.  Three poignant stanzas, with different voices on the melody, take the listener—powerfully—from considering Christ as Babe to realizing He is the Coming King.
Infant Holy, Infant Lowly SA1 This beautiful lullaby-like song is perfect as a duet or for all your ladies.  Easily learned though the alto part includes suspensions and varying rhythms.
Jesus, Draw Me Ever Nearer SATB2 This heartfelt prayer was co-written and recorded by Margaret Becker and has been moving me ever since.  The a cappella arrangement is simple enough to be sung by any congregation, yet it does have character.  “May this journey bring a blessing … with Your likeness let me wake.”
Jesus, Let Us Come To Know You SATBST2 Michael Card’s lyrics and tune; fitting countermelody for tenor by the arranger. Refreshing and sincere, the song is a heartfelt expression for a closer relationship with Jesus.  Note:  this arrangement uses the original meter (time signature), contrary to the common corruption in use in many Church of Christ congregations.
Joy to the WorldMidi SATB3 A cappella setting of the familiar carol.  Completely recognizable, yet infused with spice,  energy, and vibrancy.
Jubilee T/SATB5 “Jesus is our Jubilee!” exclaim Michael Card’s lyrics, reminiscing about the Israelites’ Year of Jubilee in which slaves were freed and debts were forgiven.  Active, celebratory accompaniment; lead could be a single tenor.  Invigorating!!
Keeper of the Door A/SATTB4 Twila Paris’s original is re-created in this a cappella adaptation for alto solo. Paramount is the beauty of the thought from the Psalms:  I’d rather be a servant—akeeper of the door—near to God than outside His courts.
Knowing You, Jesus SATB3 Expansion of Jeff Nelson’s arrangement of this Graham Kendrick classic as a foundation.  A wonderfully unique worship song.  “You’re my all.  You’re the best!”
Light the Fire SATB2 A heart-plea for connection with God who will “fan the flame” to “make me whole. ”This arrangement has the basses on the melody in the chorus, with sopranos, altos, and tenors on the countermelody echo.
Lord, I Lift Your Name On High SATB2 A straightforward arrangement of a popular praise song.  Two-part echo at the beginning; four parts in the chorus.  A second, complementary verse is added by the arranger.
Lord, I’m Keepin’ My Eyes On You SATB1-2 Simple arrangement with parallel harmonies—easily sung by any group, though young people are particularly moved by this Twila Paris chorus.  Additional verses by the arranger and by Wade Bates.
May I Call You Father? SATB1-2 If you’ve never seen a viable written arrangement of this contemporary classic prayer song, try this one.  Smooth harmonies add to the meditative nature.
My Heart, My Mind, My Body, My Soul SATB1 Part of worship involves the attitude of complete submission to the One worshipped. Jeff Nelson’s sweet prayer needs no attention paid to the music as it leads you into devotion before the Lord.
My Savior, My God   SATB2 Aaron Shust’s song was relatively new on the radio in 2006, and I was asked to arrange it for our church.   This is a relatively simple, echo-based arrangement with the rousing, solid chorus “My savior loves; my   Savior lives …”
O Come, O Come, Emmanuel TTTB3 Each part sings the melody for at least a few measures in this arrangement based on traditional harmonization.
O Holy Night   ST duet3 Vocal duet arrangement of the well-loved Christmas song.
On Bended Knee SATB1 Pure “life response” worship is encouraged in this meditative arrangement.  One cannot help feeling closer and more devoted when he’s come before the Father to sing this song.
Pierce My Ear SATB1 In the Apostle Paul’s theology, being a willing bondservant of Jesus is key.  This song of submission to the Master draws from the ancient practice of ear-piercing in those who wished to indenture themselves to masters they wished to serve for life.
Praise To the King SATB1 A very simple praise chorus from Debbye Graafsma, slightly adapted for congregational singing.  This one deserves to be repeated much—perhaps as a call to worship.
Praise Your Name, O Jesus SATB1 With lyrics slightly altered in order to make this a song of direct worship, this arrangement also eliminates some of the uncertainty experienced by those accustomed to improvising harmony where it hasn’t been written or has been ineffective.
Psalm 139  SATB2 Rebecca St. James’s intimacy and passion is unequaled among contemporary artists. This musically simple prayer is eminently personal, grateful, and cognizant of grace. “You will always love me even though You know.”
Rabboni! SATB3 Only slight modifications have been made to Ken Young’s powerful original.  This arrangement improves the voice leading and uses a soprano solo.
The Reason We Sing  SSAATTBB5 Originally recorded by First Call, this piece utilizes the capacities of human voices to proclaim and laud Jesus as the Reason for all singing.  The song features the upper three voice parts and has a joyful flavor throughout.
Riu Sciu SSA3 Remember the Monkees?They sang this archaic Spanish song about the Christ, and it’s arranged here for women.  Loose translation available.
Sanctuary SATB2 A popular song of personal devotion to the Lord.  With or without the common descant, there is great potential for individual meditation on becoming a better temple, or sanctuary, for God.
Thanks Be To God (medley w/”Conquerors”) SAATTBB3 (see above under “Conquerors”)
That’s Why We Praise Him SATB3 An a cappella arrangement of Tommy Walker’s original that shouts some of the reasons to praise our God.  Overlapping chorus parts provide the opportunity to sing antiphonally, creating a thick texture of praise.
Two Meditations S/SATB2-3 Easy choral arrangement of “Create In Me a Clean Heart, O God” and “Be Still and Know That I Am God.  ”Soprano solo.  Peace is conveyed in the singing of this beautiful music.
Unity Medley SAT3 Written for the occasion of the uniting of the women’s auxiliary organizations from two Christian colleges.  The well-known Bind Us Together, God’s Family, and three others are included.  Beautiful trio harmonies.
We Are Heirs of the Father SATB1 A song of victorious recognition of our identity.  Only three stanzas are used in this straightforward arrangement, but there are more, and this song lends itself to improvisation of new stanzas.
Warrior Is a Child  A/SATTBB4 A soulful meditation on Christian living and the spiritual battle, this song was written by Twila Paris and co-arranged by David Tao.  The lyrics express that faithful, trusting children of the Father always need His affirmation and security.
We Bow Down SATB2 An arrangement of Twila Paris’s original song of worship is singable by any group. Standard harmonies accented by a few added fills.
We Declare That the Kingdom ofGod Is Here SATB3 Rhythmic and emphatic, this song fully captures the powerful arrival of the Kingdomof God.  Syncopated, exciting music; a great program opener.
We Fall Down SATB2 An a cappella arrangement of Chris Tomlin’s original that pours out worship to the Lord.  “And we cry, ‘Holy, holy, holy is the Lamb!’”
We Will Worship the Lamb of Glory SATB3 A wonderful Dennis Jernigan song of worship abandoned to the Lord we love and wish to glorify.  Sometimes the world won’t understand our devotion or manifestations of it.  “We’ll just tell them we’re loving our King.”
Were You There? TTBB3 The spiritual comes to life in this powerful rendering for male voices.  Modulations help to create the increasing energy as the singers progress from the cross to the resurrection.
What a Difference You’ve Made In My Life SATB3 The pop love song takes on new meaning in the context of a believer’s change of life as a result of knowing Jesus.  Consider this piece for weddings, also.
Winner Man 4 vocal percussion/SAT3 At a live worship event, I heard this seemingly innocuous, Jamaican-style praise tune, and it has stuck with me!  Simple tune and predictable, I-IV-V harmony, but dependent on the vocal percussion for the feel of celebration in Jesus who is the “Winner Man all de time”!
Worship and Praise Medley #2 RealAudio SATB3 (see above under “The Blessing in Praise”)
Worthy Is the Lamb SATB3 / lead sheet Darlene Zschech’s cross-centric worship anthem arranged for a cappella churches, drawing on Ken Young’s original arrangement.  Lead sheet also exists.
Worthy of Worship SATB2 A little-known contemporary worship chorus, this worthwhile song needs singing! Repetition is recommended as you move your spirit toward the Father in honest worship.
Ye Christian Heralds TTBB4 Powerful, gospel-spreading fervor is stirred in the singing of this song.  Word pictures are vividly transferred into the music, and the ending befits one of the goals of evangelism, too—the final crowning of the Lord of All!
You Are My God SATB2 Worship doesn’t get any more pure than this:  “You are my God.  You are my King. You are my Master, my Everything.  You are my Lord.  That’s why I sing to You. Hallelujah!”
You Are the Light Of the World SATB2 “How could there be any darkness in me if You are the Light of the World?” and other, similar questions are asked as singers worship Jesus in this song.  A perfect Lord’s Supper prelude.
You Have Called Us Out Of Darkness SATB3-4 The compelling chorus from a Hosanna! contemporary worship song makes a great call to worship or an opener in your program.  “We rejoice in Your power of light!” is the exclamation of praise.
You’re Worthy of My Praise SATB2 A song that expresses the pure desire to worship energetically and with the whole self.  “I will give You all my worship!”  Unison women echo men during the verses.
Your Grace Still Amazes Me TTB3-4 Phillips, Craig, and Dean original arranged for three men’s voices (no accompaniment).  Minimal part-crossing.  An intimate personal expression (read: emotional and quite possibly tear-producing) of awe in the face the timeless grace of our God.

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