Communion Thoughts

I think often about Communion, a/k/a the “Lord’s Supper.”  I experience it often, too.  But I’ve not often been charged by the experience.  Here are links to a few of my posts that speak of communion:

A confessional communion meditation

A chiastic communion prayer

Chiastic meditation

Lord’s Supper symbolisms

Maybe it was just me

The beginnings of communion

Communion Meditation (b) 1/15/2012: King Jesus

Communion Meditation (a) 1/15/2012: Your Love

A communion meditation:  a specific wow

Communion unbound

On this page, on my Christian Assembly/Christian Worship book blog site) is a starter list of 52 aspects of the Lord’s Supper—different “angles” and scripture references to encourage varied meditations, ponderings, gratitudes, etc.

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