A New Gathering of Christians

[This document has been a work in progress since 2005.  It is not in any way a reality yet.  Last revised 1/29/19.]

  • Activities, “look & feel”
    • Openly participating in various devotional activities, including worship, prayer, and communion
    • Bible study
        • Seriously investigating—and endeavoring to submit to—scripture texts from a contextual and responsible vantage point
        • Taking advantage of opportunities for any Bible student to teach, allowing us to hear God through scripture
    • Conversation about real life and its intersection with the Kingship of God
    • Informal, living-room environment—spontaneous, but intentional and somewhat structured
  • Philosophy and Manner
    • Carefully progressive yet primitivist and even ancient . . . both modern and postmodern, conservative yet liberal, traditional yet contemporary
    • Non-franchise and non-sectarian:  in terms of theological orientation and church practice, as purely biblical as it is possible to be
      • not aligned with any particular philosophical stream of Christianity
      • affiliated with no denomination, yet not isolated from the larger Christian community
    • Aware of, and informed by, history and tradition
      • focused on the dynamics of the 1st century
      • particularly aware of certain principles and practices of, for example, the Anabaptist and the frontier American Restoration movements
      • conversant with the strengths, weaknesses, and idiosyncrasies of diverse religious traditions of two millennia
    • Non-hierarchical leadership (no salaries or titles), and mutually pastoral
  • Goals
    • Authentic relationships with each other and with God
    • Faithful Christian living
    • Eventual replication
    • Missional service to the household of faith, the community, and those beyond

3 thoughts on “A New Gathering of Christians

  1. debbie z 09/22/2012 / 12:29 pm

    Oh, I want to find this place this side of heaven


    • Brian Casey 09/22/2012 / 12:31 pm

      You know what? Me, too! Not sure who you are, but I’d like to meet you if you were nearby. 🙂


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