Judging fruit

You know how they pack strawberries in those plastic containers, sometimes hiding the mushy or blemished ones?  Well, according to an esteemed opinion, I have a knack for choosing strawberry packages well.  Looking at the outside fruits critically can reveal possible issues with the berries within.  I can choose a fair blueberry or apple, too.  I chose three avocados last Saturday and made my first guacamole—a nice success.

I can also see fruit in others’ lives from time to time . . . and the implications run deeper there.

Long ago, I was acquainted with a charismatic (read:  affirms and claims all the miraculous “gifts of the Spirit” now) Christian.  He was invited in to guest-teach an adult Bible class in a non-charismatic church.  This class was not exactly cutting-edge, but it included some relatively open-minded folks who wanted to grow, so I figure they intentionally reached out to this guy—an acquaintance of a member of the class—so he could instruct them more accurately in the ways of the Spirit of God.  Come to find out, he was having an affair with the married woman who was his connection to the class.  The activities might not have been sexual at the time he taught the class, but at the very least, being involved illicitly in emotional adultery, he should have judged himself unworthy to speak of the guidance of the Spirit of God in his life.

People who claim to be followers ought not to act or speak in certain ways.  Further, the claim that God indwells, i.e., lives in us is a claim with which we ought to be pretty careful.  If a guy asserts that he has miraculous abilities given directly by God’s Spirit, I figure that same Spirit ought to keep the person from obvious, egregious sins.  A Christian marriage broken by a supposedly Spirit-filled Christian?  I judge that fruit decisively.

Here’s another post in a similar vein:  https://blcasey.wordpress.com/2010/11/27/inconsistent-behaviors-disrespecting-god/

Some say Christians shouldn’t “judge” but may be “fruit inspectors.”  I say that’s probably just a semantic distinction.

That was easy.  Now to the hard part:  me.  Judging within God’s household is entirely appropriate, and I don’t have many people nearby that I consider part close to me in that household, but there are some.  What are the people of God seeing when they assess the fruit in my life?  It’s also important for me to be cognizant of what nonbelievers and less committed believers are seeing in my “fruit bin.”  Even if they are less discerning than I, or though have different baggage (doesn’t everybody?), or if they have wronged me, or if they are moving away from God rather than toward Him at the time they cross my path, they are no less valuable to the Father.  I need to bear good fruit in order to be a good representative to all, whether they (1) reject the Christ, (2) claim Him, or (3) claim and intentionally, noticeably honor Him.

4 thoughts on “Judging fruit

  1. Steve Kell 01/13/2020 / 2:08 pm

    If you can help me with my watermelon selection, I’d appreciate that very much!! I often don’t discern wisely with that mega-fruit. :-\

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    • Brian Casey 01/13/2020 / 3:50 pm

      You’d have to call me a melon head if I tried that. I don’t trust myself in that sub-area, either. Guess we oughtta stick to kiwis and lemons and an occasional apple. Did you know one doesn’t judge plantains the same as bananas? And how easy it is to “fix” a plantain? If fixing our life-fruit were only that easy….

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  2. godschildrenorg 01/13/2020 / 4:05 pm

    Very wise words. We are instructed to “not judge those who are without….” But we are to deal with those who are within…with prayer and the love of God. So many scriptures flood my mind…by their fruits you will know them! John had more than a word or two for the 7 churches. But first we need to inspect our fruits and clean up our act…WHAT? Clean up my act? I think this could easily become a “soap box” for me. I pray regularly that God keep me on the path of His choosing, forgive me of my sins, help me be all that He wants me to be regardless of what I think is best for me. OK, so I’ve had more than 8 decades to grow to this point…but I emphasise that we need to be fruit inspectors, and become skilled in recognising wolves in sheep’s clothing. To help me stay away from the wolves, I pray that God bring to me only those who have a heart for Him so that we can study together…which may result in them becoming obedient, intentional followers of Christ. Your blogs always open up a flood of thoughts…some wise, some maybe otherwise! God bless you! ~~ aa in Athens, Greece, enjoying a few days of cool sunshine for a change!


    • Brian Casey 01/14/2020 / 11:03 am

      Thank for the challenge and the affirmation. We have cool but no sunshine here. And internally, it’s very gray, so I feel the need to stay hidden for ripening since I can’t create sunlight

      On Mon, Jan 13, 2020 at 4:05 PM Earnestly Speaking wrote:



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