Blessed are the broken, for they let the light shine through.

So goes the saying on a framed piece on a wall in my house.

These days, I don’t comprehend or experience “blessed” much.

I know a tiny bit about clouds and atmosphere.  They seem to refract, or scatter, or at least obscure, light.  Do those phenomena “break” the light itself, or just the view of the light?

I know the significance of light—and of Light.  Or do I?

I wonder how (and sometimes, I question whether) that light “shines through.”  I wonder. . . .

Seems to me that there really isn’t any light if the clouds hide it from sight for too long.  Or is there?

And I do know a good deal about “broken.”

But I don’t know how brokenness should be experienced or understood.

Here is a saying I have engraved inside my soul:

Marana tha.  

2 thoughts on “Clouds

  1. godschildrenorg 09/18/2018 / 12:43 pm

    After 3 weeks of heavy cloud cover over Holland, I was falling apart…Seasonal Affective Disorder was filling my body with melatonin day and night…poisoning my body. Crying, I told Dan, “I haven’t seen the sun in 21 days. I can’t manage this….” Dan replied, “Have you asked God for sunshine?” I cried out, “God doesn’t care whether or not I have sunshine.” Dan calmly said, “Let’s pray and ask Him.” The next day, the cloud cover cleared to reveal the sun right where it belonged in the early morning sky.

    In the Transylvanian Mountains, we have frequent giant, thick clouds hiding the sun. But some days, when the wind comes along and blows holes in the clouds…there it is…bright sun! Given that clouds work against me in a bitter way, I notice the clouds more than most. I believe life is like that…at least, it has been like that for me all of my life. Praying for more Sonshine. Marana tha!
    ~~ A.Boyd in Athens, Greece, with Glyfada Church of Christ
    Full house for each service
    Greek/English service


  2. Brian Casey 09/19/2018 / 12:18 pm

    Appreciated the sharing of the memory — apparently still very vivid! from your long-ago Holland days (Hollandaise?!). I spent several minutes yesterday in impassioned (to say the least) query and request.

    Sounds like you’re having a nice time in Athens. I had to look up to be sure that Farsi is an Arabian language–Iran, some Iraq, it appears. What an experience. Good for me to think “beyond.”

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