Simpler, but not simple enough

The title of this book immediately drew me to it.


I was even more interested because I’ve seen quotations by one of the authors of this book.  I read a couple of chapters:  “The Simple (and Not-So-Simple) Church in Action” and “Clarity:  Starting with a Ministry Blueprint.”  Then I paged through other chapters and found myself disappointed in the contents overall.

What the authors describe doesn’t go nearly far enough, in my estimation.  I don’t have the desire to offer a full critique/assessment here.  Let’s just say that this book is about something that’s not nearly as simple as the church I think Jesus (and Paul and Peter and Lydia and Barnabas and Priscilla and Philemon and Onesimus and even Luke and Apollos and James) had in mind.

I think the book might have been titled A More Focused, Somewhat Simpler Congregation.  Then I would add this tongue-in-cheek tagline:

. . . for those who want to move in a generally good direction (jettisoning a few things and participating in a kind of “best practices” improvement program for the institutional church) but who are still a bit reluctant to participate in something radically simple

Please share your thoughts. I read every comment.

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