System troubles (1)

I tend to find glitches in systems.

I’m talking about more than computer systems,¹ but those are definitely in my view.  I don’t think this amounts to any element of bona fide “systems theory.”  What I have in mind is mostly roadblocks to, and hiccups in, the effectiveness of things—things that are supposed to correlate, co-function, and coexist symbiotically—whether in my house, at Walmart, on websites, at work, or anywhere else.

What do you think, for instance, of a “system” that sends you a reset e-mail and only gives you 30 minutes to access it . . . but then the e-mail system’s filtering process bogs the e-mail down, not allowing it through for 35 minutes?  (Somebody probably should have thought of that.)

Or a two-party electoral system that produces front-running candidates who make large portions of the population shrink in embarrassment or revulsion, no matter which party?  (Ahem.)

I’m not the most informed about the current health care system in this country, but I do have my concerns, and I can say from personal experience that something is wrong with a system that purports to make healthcare affordable when it makes it completely unavailable for a month or so.  We couldn’t even purchase private medical insurance for our son until the application went through the “Marketplace” channels, so he was without insurance for a month.  (I’m leaving alone the systemic malady that has insurance for a family of three costing about 3x what it costs for two, and the same as what it costs for six or seven or more.)

Basically, I notice when systems don’t work as well as they could or should.  (And finding these things doesn’t necessarily make me popular.)  But it’s more than the above, and I’ll get into other areas in the next two posts in this mini-series.

¹ I notice the “bad behavior” or inconsistencies of certain applications.  For example, I haven’t even bothered to report to HP the endless loop my laptop has been in for the three years I’ve owned it.  Some programming glitch doesn’t allow the system update to finish its process, so it keeps trying to apply the same one every time I reboot.

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