Writing (books)

During last few months, I have been more occupied than usual with personal projects.  I have neglected a greater number of other activities than usual.  The primary reason?


At this juncture, I would say these things about myself and writing:

  1. It feels safe to say that I am a writer by nature.
  2. However, I do not consider myself a very good writer.  Not when stacked up with other authors out there, that is.  Yes, I’m a writer, but this self-identification has more to do with my need to process thoughts in writing than with my ability with words that other people will read with interest.

I have no delusions that great hordes of strangers will be captivated by things I write.  Once in a while, I can turn a phrase and put words together to say something worth saying, and I do have a bunch of things in my head and heart that are worth writing about, but sometimes these personal projects of the pen seem pointless.  (See what I did there?)  I frequently feel inundated with ideas and thoughts that beg to be written; in this season, I’ve had to force myself not to write everything that comes to me.  I do know that not everything is worthwhile.

From time to time, senses of purpose and audience are cloudy for me, and I think these issues are seen in some of my writing.  Is there a reason to write?  For whom?  At times I simply don’t know.  I’ve been negotiating to lease a spot on Hopeful Avenue, but it will be a difficult move over from Labor Lane.  There are many potholes on curvy Doubt-filled Drive, and I’m afraid a lot of the good ideas will fall off my truck as I negotiate the traffic on the way across town.

As of now, two relatively brief books on musical topics are complete, and one massive (for me) researched book (on the Kingdom of God, government, and Christian conscience) is also finalized.  With thanks to several people for their feedback on the latter, and on two others now in the final stages, and to another friend for her work on cover images for the those two, things are nearing completion.  Together with two more books for which I served in layout/copy editing functions, a total of five of my own books should be available within one month.

Book thumbs

Although I am finished or almost finished with the above, there are often clarifying revisions afoot.  Somehow, may these writings be used for good in the Kingdom and in the world.

Next:  a few peripheral matters of writing


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