Demand should affect supply

Picture yourself shopping for shirts or pants.  Ever notice how the most in-demand sizes vanish from the store’s racks and shelves?  I wonder why the stores don’t realize they need to supply more of those sizes.

Yesterday I ate at a pizza buffet and made a special order, not seeing much of what I preferred on the buffet.  Leaving alone that the nice lady looked at me funny when she heard pizzamy request, the pizza was made within 15 minutes  Then I noticed that it, like the popular pants sizes, disappeared very quickly—other people besides me ate it, too!  Perhaps the pizza chain’s idea of what’s in demand isn’t what’s actually in demand.  (I’d say they should supply more thin-crust pizza that’s not as meat-heavy, because people apparently want it.)

Many times every week, I also wonder about church “offerings.”  Different sizes and flavors exist, but the lion’s share of what is “supplied” church-wise is roughly the same as all the rest.  I have to wonder what would happen if people stopped consuming the standard fare because it no longer met their dietary wants or needs?  Or what if they just wanted a different size?  Even more significant:  if just one different flavor were requested and “consumed” within a short period of time—i.e., if everyone flocked to the new pizza or church type—would church leaders take notice and realize that the actual demand isn’t necessarily what they’d always assumed it to be?

It seems to me that people making decisions—in clothing departments, in pizza stores, and yes, in churches—ought often to rethink what is being supplied.  The actual “demand” might surprise them.




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