Comment on a TED Talk

Below is a 7/15 comment I posted on a TED Talk (available on YouTube—URL below).  The link appeared in my e-mail yesterday, after I’d finalized a lengthy post that discusses homosexuality.

I’m one of those who doesn’t agree with the political positions this speaker would tend to espouse, nor do I accept a couple of her underlying assumptions, *BUT* I greatly appreciate her tone and her emphasis here.  She is absolutely right that “emotional correctness” goes a long way toward aiding understanding and real relationship in the real world.

If everyone would try an ounce of Sally Kohn’s Rx, the debates would produce less fear on both sides, and the chasms wouldn’t seem as deep.

[[For the record, in case anyone is interested:  I’m troubled by the frequent suggestion by most media presentations that western culture is involved in a never-ebbing tidal flow toward (what they think is) the only right position:  accepting homosexual practice as another normal.  I’m a more serious, grounded Christian than most mere churchgoing Christians — meaning I take scholarship seriously and am involved in investigative study of ancient documents and historical contexts.  I am by no means part of the religious right, although maybe 50% of my personal inclinations would fall right, 25% left, and 25% libertarian.  My understandings of homosexuality are based far more on nature — which I understand as God’s nature — and on logic than on scripture.

I do support the right to enjoy equal civil benefits.

Please, no flames.  That would not be “emotionally correct.”  I’m not really looking for conversation here, and I may not respond to any replies.  This doesn’t mean I’m intentionally ignoring you or being a jerk; it only means I’m doing other things.]]

The Sally Kohn TED Talk from 2013 may be found here.
It is only 6 minutes long—and worth listening to, I think.

Please share your thoughts. I read every comment.

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