What would you think of these?

Annoying questions sometimes fester until we let them out.  I’m letting a few out now.  Read this one quickly, because I’ll probably delete it or password-protect it soon.  🙂

What would you think of . . .

  • a workplace that bills itself as “professional” and yet . . .
    • in a job announcement, never lists the actual duties to be performed, rather focusing on generalities, hoopla, and periphery?
    • advertises a job and has no intention of seriously entertaining any applications except for the one submitted by the internal, already-identified candidate?
    • asks a faculty applicant to identify (on an application) his elementary school and high school—for what purposes, I don’t know—but allows only one line for graduate schools?
    • presents a one-year job as involving recruiting—ignoring the reality that it is somewhat inappropriate to recruit new students for the coming year, when you yourself will not be around when the potential recruits arrive, and when you are just learning the ropes, so you really have little idea of what you’d be recruiting to!?
    • advertises a job nationally, requires applications to be submitted within one week, and expects to hire within 25 days of the original posting—at the end of the academic year, a time when all its viable candidates will conscientiously be committed to their existing end-of-year activities?
  • a church that bills itself as “scriptural” and yet . . .
    • focuses all its attention on the once-a-week gatherings instead of on ongoing (vertical and horizontal) relationships?
    • knowingly uses a team worship leader who lives non-platonically with someone s/he is not married to?
    • fosters delusions about the King James Version’s being sufficient or even palatable?
    • exhibits false pride in supposed doctrinal precision yet does not emphasize matters of daily discipleship?

Next:  a somewhat more inspirational post about education and teachers


Please share your thoughts. I read every comment.

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