Balanced diets

This is about three more (or less) types of “balanced diets.”

Music CD purchases

Recently, I acquired several CDs at discount prices.  (Yes, there are some of us out there who continue to buy “hard media” with better sound quality.  I only refer to YouTube recordings [of music I’m pursuing seriously] as a last resort.)  Here is the list of titles:

String Music
Finnish Music for Strings
Stenhammer:  Serenade / Nielsen: Little Suite / Grieg: Holberg Suitewpid-img_20150424_202543_705.jpg
Marais:  Suites pour Viole de Gambe

Orchestral Music
Johann Svendsen:  Symphonies 1 & 2
Rodrigo:  Concierto De Aranjuez, etc.
Haydn:  Horn Concertos 3 & 4
Dances from Hungary
Brahms:  Hungarian Dances 1-21
Enescu:  Romanian Rhapsodies; Poeme Roumain

(I listened to the last one in honor of Anne, my friend who works in Romania, and when the back-ordered Haydn one comes in, I’ll again think of Isabel, a former horn student who played another Haydn concerto.)

Chamber/Piano  Music
Dvorák, Smetana:  Piano Trios
Albéniz:  Iberia Books 1 & 2; España
Hindemith:  Kammermusik 1-7

Wind Band Music
SIU Edwardsville:  New Traditions
The Wind Music of Jacob De Haan Vol. 1
The Wind Music of Jan Van der Roost, Vol. 3
The Wind Music of Jan Van der Roost, Vol. 5
Arkansas State Univ:  Visions

The above list is, quite frankly, not very balanced.  There’s a whole lot in only a few categories.  I won’t begin to suggest what’s missing; I’ll only say that the above group is pretty much what I was looking for, because I either like it or want to investigate it.  It was like Christmas in May when the box arrived.

Bible texts

I’m currently engaged, more or less, in studies of the following biblical documents:


That strikes me as a relatively balanced list.  Nothing is perfect, and one could always learn more, or differently, but pursuing the acts of God in an OT history book, studying a portrait of Jesus in a gospel, and working out the detailed exegesis of a Pauline letter seems to constitute a fairly good diet.

Let’s not talk about food

I like most foods OK:  ripe tomatoes and toaster strudels, squirt cheese with celery, broccoli & brisket & Brussels sprouts, cinnamon candy & dark chocolate.  I drink a good deal of water and way too much coffee.  I don’t think my food diet is nearly as balanced as my current scripture one, so let’s get back to the scripture. . . .


Please share your thoughts. I read every comment.

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