At a gathering of Christians, impediments may be present that keep people from moving freely, arriving at a destination, or finding what they seek.  speedbump

These impediments may be found in (at least) the logistical, musical, or organizational spheres.  This one person does not have a handle on all the possibilities (!), but he has had his progress slowed and his “driving” frustrated by not a few of these “speed bumps.”  Typical examples are below:

♦ Song leaders who have little sense of pitch or rhythm — and who don’t know when they’re melodically “off,” either (One asks himself, “what’s the point in this hindrance?”)

♦ Announcement-makers who read the announcements that are printed in the bulletin (It’s a waste of time, making one wonder why he’s still sitting there.)

 ♦ Staff ministers who insist on being in the spotlight, not making room for various talents in the congregation, and ignoring the fact that others are volunteers (This blocks the progress of those who want to do something for the gathered group or the larger world.)

. . .

As a newcomer to the nice little town of Atchison, Kansas in 2001, I eventually noticed that the (few) traffic signals seemed to have been set to impede the flow of traffic.  Since there was very little traffic, compared to what I had come from in the Mid-Atlantic area, it was no big deal, but the difference in mindset of the “traffic engineers” was noticeable:  in Delaware’s traffic on Main Street and Kirkwood Highway and Maryland Avenue, the signals were timed to help traffic flow.  In Kansas, with very little traffic, they saw no need to time the traffic signals so that traffic on the main thoroughfare could flow freely for longer periods of time.

Where we currently reside, traffic flows well.  I noticed only recently that I haven’t experienced a single speed bump or speed hump the whole time we’ve lived here.  No impediments!

If only churches would resolve not to install impediments to the progress of the good “drivers” of their churches.  We might even hire destruction crews to eradicate the existing speed bumps.

This is not about driving fast; it’s about not having your reasonable progress blocked by needless impediments.


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