Thank you for your service

I think this post falls primarily in the “rutabaga” category:  it’s an unusual entry into this blog’s “menu,” with surprising benefits (and is definitely not a rant).


Service (A)

If you have family-based military leanings/history, or if you have friends or family in police or fire departments, or if you live or work or congregate near a military base, or if you are generally inclined toward conservative political factions or rhetoric — and the sum amounts to a great number of people! — you might be surprised at the emphasis of this brief post.

I mean to spotlight other, less commonly recognized community servants:

  • Snow removal workers (I’ll bet a lot of folks in the South wish they had the crews and equipment of the North these days)
  • Children’s Bible class teachers (some who serve term after term, year after year, giving energy and time and love, doing what more parents should be doing at home)
  • Garbage collectors (come rain or come shine . . . what would we do without them?)
  • Package delivery personnel (ever gotten a package at like 7 p.m. on Christmas Eve?)
  • Emergency care workers (including non-medical staff at hospitals, and of course the EMTs and ER nurses and docs)
  • Classroom aides in elementary schools (they often care just like the degreed teachers and are important in educating and caring for children)
  • Gas station and restaurants workers where the businesses stay open on holidays (traveling on Dec. 25 reminded me that it’s not all that easy to find gas or food)
  • Community musiciansvolunteers, nearly all! — who give of their time on a regular basis (some are in multiple weekly activities, and they all contribute to community life)

To all the above groups, and so many others who help our world go ‘round:  thank you for your service.  In most of the above cases, “it’s a job,” but I appreciate you nonetheless.  The serving attitude takes others into consideration.

Others song

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Brian Casey, 12/26/14 – 2/28/15

Note:  The above is not to say that gratitude is not in order, from an earthly standpoint, for military and police personnel’s “harm’s way” activities that keep many people physically and politically safe.  Some of those men and women have spiritually based motivations, as well.  Peacekeeping forces on local, national, and global fronts are obviously important in this life.

Please share your thoughts. I read every comment.

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