Blood(s) and truth

Back in Season 2, Police Commissioner Frank Reagan, of the “Blue Bloods” TV family, was being strong-armed by a Roman Catholic monsignor and bishop to endorse a questionable character’s ascension (bogus, of course) to sainthood.Frank Reagan

Reagan knew things about the saint-candidate that were not common knowledge, you see, and he wasn’t about to be forced to take a supportive action he didn’t believe in.  When his very faith in God was called into question, he got his back up.  Saith the Commish:

This isn’t about God.  It is about a very old and powerful institution that is run by men.  And, in my experience, anything that fits that description usually has an agenda.

Frank Reagan, a “practicing Catholic” on the show, spoke pervasive truth.

(I also inferred that he was questioning his own Roman Catholicism while holding on to God, but that’s just me reading into it, and his is a fictional character, after all.)

He knew there were underlying motivations related to politics and/or finances and/or personal reputation.

Most individuals have agendas — at least, sometimes.

Pretty much all institutions, including all church groups, have agendas more of the time.

And the most powerful institutions (I’m thinking political ones here, too) have agendas all of the time.

Frank knew it, and we should, too:  when official representatives of institutions speak or write, we ought to be alert to the very likely presence of agendas.

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