Two (+) deli meats

The culture and history of certain ethnic groups can be instructive.  For instance, some Jewish people really seem to know how to celebrate:  I was at a bar mitzvah once, and I was struck by the utter happiness (as well as the utter lack of sexual overtones) expressed in the celebratory dancing.

The Italians can teach us a few things, too — although perhaps not what they, or you, might think. . . .

Consider the variety you have in the Italian pasta arena:  ya got yer spaghetti ‘n’ yer capellini ‘n’ tortellini ‘n’ cavatelli ‘n’ fettucini ‘n’ rigatoni ‘n’ linguine ‘n’ more.

In the meat (or almost-meat) world, ya got pepperoni ‘n’ bologna ‘n’ capacola ‘n salami ‘n’ pastrami ‘n’ prosciutto.  Some of these deli meats have alternate spellings that give the illusion of yet another kind of processed meat product.  And the thing is, they’re all alike.  Yet there’s not enough difference between them to warrant a new name or a separate menu item.pepperoni

Ostensibly, this variety scope is also seen in the church “menu,” but it’s bogus there, too.  Every established church has the same basic constitution.  There are a lot of church “options” out there, but the real difference between them is negligible.  (The dietary factor is often similarly questionable, too!)

A deli sandwich is OK once in a while, and the meats inside might have different names, but pepperoni tastes and feels like a little spicier version of salami.

To check this particular point viz. pepperoni and salami, I asked my wife the half-Italian about whether they are almost alike.  She said (and I quote), “It depends . . . there are different kinds of salami.”

I burst out laughing.


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