Melancholy merriment

A few quasi-melancholy meditations for this Christmas Eve morning. . . .

  1. There’s nothing quite like a child’s delight in a new toy.  This one is a technological one – an older notebook computer, re-gifted from some great new friends.  (Thanks, Jeff and Dana!)
  2. Christmas caroling has its pluses and minuses.  Last night was my first time caroling in probably 10 years. I was re-impressed with the utter neediness of some of the folks we sang for in rehab/assisted living centers.  Although we carolers had some good fun in mocking fa-la-las and such, and although some of the staff workers seemed genuinely appreciative, there was an almost grotesque quality in the singing of “We wish you a merry Christmas” to some whose lives are filled with Jeopardy and dementia.MWSmXmas
  3. Michael W Smith’s 1989 Christmas album is still one of the best. There’s “No Eye Had Seen,” “All Is Well,” the pumped-up “Hark!” and all the rest. . . .
  4. Streets near us are lined with cars for a funeral — on December 24.  For those affected, I wish-pray not that their “days be merry and bright,” but that their remembrances be rich; their togetherness, genuine; and their faith, renewed or strengthened.

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