Expansion teams and new songs

I was thinking, a couple months ago, as the major league baseball season was getting off the ground, that I can no longer name all the teams and their respective divisions.  I’m a trifled saddened and embarrassed about this, because it was so easy for me to do this when I was a teenager.

But then there were expansion teams.  New stuff, you know.

When I was of Little League, baseball-craze age, there wasn’t any expansion going on.  It was odd to me when the Blue Jays and Mariners later gained status as major league teamlb_logoms.  Who were these upstarts, and why did anyone think they had a right to exist alongside the tried-and-true teams like the Dodgers and Cardinals and (cough) Yankees and Reds and Cubs and Red Sox?  And more teams came along later. . . .

Too many teams, if you ask me.  Things were good enough as they were.  Leave well enough alone.  24 teams just felt right.  Biblical, even.  Two even divisions of 12 in each league.  Don’t try to bring something new into a good system.

Expansion teams would surely fail.

But expansion has continued, sort of.  Changes have definitely continued, and I can no longer name the 30 major league teams that compete in the two leagues today.  It makes me uncomfortable.

But c’mon — it’s only baseball.  What’s the big deal with some new teams?  Might keep things lively.

~ ~ ~

New songs are not universally rejected, but nearly so, in most traditional churches.  The best reaction one can hope for in most pew-sitters, upon the introduction of a new song, is passivity.  The worst, and more likely, is a harumphing “too many new songs, if you ask me.”newsongincipit

Surely it would have been much better to keep things as they were.  Leave well enough alone.  24 songs — a “biblical” month’s worth, almost — probably felt right to many “fans.”  Don’t try to introduce new songs.

This kind of expansion will surely fail.

But changes and additions have continued, and I can no longer name the hymnals or even the software packages in use in churches of my stripe today.  I certainly don’t know all the arrangers and song writers.  It makes some people uncomfortable to deal with all the expansion.

But c’mon, people — it’s only some new songs.  What’s the big deal?¹  Might keep things lively.


¹ If you want me to sing new songs, you had better provide music notation.  (Don’t ask me to do that with words only.)  I’m glad for new songs if I’m able to sing them.


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