You know what’s interesting?

The fact that, according to a self-proclaimed spokesman for God, leaders of the U.S. of A. quoted Isaiah 9:10f¹ following the 9/11/01 attacks.

Assuming the quoting actually happened (and I believe it, based on the testimony of a sister and brother), it is very interesting that political leaders would have searched and found something in Jewish² prophecy on that occasion.

You know what’s not interesting?  

The suggestion that, according to the would-be spokesman for God, Isaiah was prophesying about the U.S. of A. in 2001.  Such a false spokesman (the current-day guy, not Isaiah!) is a dealer in bunk.  Pay him no mind when he mouths this malarkey.

I feel wistful and helpless in the presence of those who for some reason hold on to a fictitious tie between God and the U.S. of A. as a geopolitical entity.  The U.S. is not God’s nation, and it never has been, any more than any other.  (The Hebrews were once God’s people.  In some sense, I imagine that that people group still, anachronistically, holds a special place in God’s heart.  But now, God’s people are those who have believed in Jesus of Galilee and all He represents.)  Biblical prophecies have nothing directly to do with the U.S.  No matter what you feel/believe/discover about the constitution’s “framers” and the country’s “fathers,” God is just as interested in the people of Malaysia as of Maryland; just as interested in the U.A.E. as in the U.S.A.; just as concerned about Argentinians and Algerians as about Americans.


¹I get that “the bricks have fallen down” connects to 9/11 if you’re looking for that sort of thing.  I can accept that in some twisted desire to “fulfill prophecy,” someone planted cedar trees.  I get that there is a correlation.  But in which direction does the correlation run?  Did Isaiah predict 9/11, or did 9/11 victims look back to find some text that seemed to fit?  Plus, I gotta wonder what these quoters did with the rest — take Isaiah 9:18, for example.  It’s in the same prophecy.  The column of smoke was there on 9/11, but were there thorns and briers and thickets in the courtyard of the WTC?

² Had there not been a holocaust or a Hitlerian Germany, I suspect Israel-Arab politics and violence would not have as much of a hold of the West in the current day.  I certainly hope the U.S. officials weren’t grubbing for pro-state-of-Israel rhetoric in their mining from Isaiah.  Today’s Israel has little to no connection with the Jews to whom Isaiah wrote, and reaching to Israel’s prophets in a modern-day political play would be disingenuous, or maybe just ignorant.


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