Pillow Prayers 9

These “pillow prayers” continue to provide some extravagant, poetic faith-expressions.  I offer them because a) my words aren’t this good, and b) I think some of us, including me, need to have material like this for our own prayers.  Some of these words speak almost peculiarly to my spirit as I paste them.

Matchless Illuminator, bring Your holy lantern into the corridors of my mind….  Turn me away from my gloomy musings. . . .

Breathe Your purity into the unlit corners of my imagination.  Ignite Your purposes within me.  As I think on You, I’m aware that You first thought of me.  The magnetism of that understanding draws me back to You again and again.  I fall asleep comforted by Your pursuing love.

. . . .

Untie the gnawing tension in my stomach, shoulders, jaw, and aching back.  Liberate me from the strain of self-assertion that I might acquiesce to Your higher plans.  Quiet my pounding heart, my pressing fears, and my personal agendas. . . .

I pray Your stunning beauty would be seen in my repose, rhetoric, and responses.

. . .

© 2005 Patsy Clairmont, published by J. Countryman/Thomas Nelson Book Group


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