Pillow Prayers 8

These “pillow prayers” in a little book I have continue to provide some extravagant, poetic faith-expressions.  I offer them because a) my words aren’t this good, and b) I think some of us, including me, need to have material like this for our own prayers.  Today, I also honor once again the memory of my maternal grandfather.  He was one with a prayer-vocabulary rich with genuine devotion.

Guiding Light, for the first time today, as evening enfolds me, I’m still. Movement keeps adversaries at bay, but I know I must rest. Enemies seem more threatening in the night. My problems rise up and cast Goliath-sized shadows across my pebble-sized faith. Darkness is dispelled in your presence, and one day, night will be noonday bright. You know until then I need lights. . . .

. . .

Word of Life, advise me. My thoughts can spark words that cause harm; I know that was not Your intention.…

I want the wounded to find shelter in my conversation with them.

Thank you for those along life’s journey who have spoken kindly to me. . . .

Regenerate my vocabulary; permeate it with vitality.

– Patsy Clairmont, in Pillow Prayers.  

© 2005 Patsy Clairmont
Published by J. Countryman/Thomas Nelson Book Group

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