Easter, Resurrection and Promise

With permission, I’m posting these words from a college friend.  I was privileged to read them and hope you will read them, too.  This is the poignant stuff of memories, of spiritual sight, of faith. . . .

Easter, Resurrection and Promise

by Stan Manning

April 22, 2011 at 5:53pm

One year ago tonight, I kissed my sweet Mom on the cheek and whispered to her that she has earned her rest.  My son then ever-so-softly put his arms around her neck and said “I love you, Mimi.  I hope you meet Jesus tonight.  Tell Him I said Hi.”

A few hours later, in the softness of a spring night, Mom received her Hope and Joy and Promise.  Eyes that had not seen well at all in years were suddenly beholding things that I can only dream.  Ears that had needed hearing aids, but still had trouble, were hearing the songs of angels and His voice.

I imagine that when Mom saw Jesus, she did tell him Hi for Cooper.  And I imagine that He smiled and probably laughed.  I imagine that she told Him all about her grandchildren, and then she went to find her close friends who had been waiting for her.

Easter is in two days.  Today – this weekend – I celebrate the Resurrection and the Promise with a renewed vision.  And I celebrate a family that has been led by His hand.  And I am thankful for and proud of this family, and for all of our friends who have shared life with each one of us.  You are a blessing.

I am blessed.  May I never forget  this.  And may Easter be a renewing of Spirit and Faith and Celebrations and Promise.

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