Pillow Prayers 7

These “pillow prayers” in a little book continue to provide some extravagant, poetic faith-expressions.  I offer them because a) my words aren’t this good, and b) I think some of us, including me, need to have material like this for our own prayers.

Gentle shepherd, helped me to breathe serenity deep into my valley life.  Guide me to places of refreshment.  Release me from the intimidation of rocky paths.  Help my eyes to adjust to the lighted way.  Prepare my feet for craggy terrain.  Lead me to Your high places.

. . .

Holy one, enter my heart’s sanctuary.  Purify my intentions.  Inspect my thoughts.  Create an acceptable place within me for Your Spirit to do well.…

Revise my agenda.  Infuse my mission.  Empower my efforts.  Beacon my path.

Instruct me in adoration, supplication, and celebration.  You and You only are worthy of high honor and continual praise.

– Patsy Clairmont, in Pillow Prayers.  

© 2005 Patsy Clairmont
Published by J. Countryman/Thomas Nelson Book Group

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