Pillow Prayers 6

These “pillow prayers” in a little book I have continue to provide some extravagant, poetic faith-expressions.  I offer them because a) my words aren’t this good, and b) I think some of us, including me, need to have material like this for our own prayers.

God Who sees . . . I’m grateful that your view is not obstructed by darkness. I await your intervention for my shadowed existence. Liberate me from myopic tendencies lest I live out my life in a restricted space.

Some days, my opinions block out healing truth. My dingy motives can slip past me unrecognized. Release me from the entanglement of sight-altering distractions–inconveniences, interruptions, and other people’s behavior. The horizon brightens as I focus on You.

– Patsy Clairmont, in Pillow Prayers.  

© 2005 Patsy Clairmont
Published by J. Countryman/Thomas Nelson Book Group

One thought on “Pillow Prayers 6

  1. godschildrenorg 04/14/2014 / 4:25 pm

    I needed this tonight…can’t sleep…too much to do…too many challenges….So where do I think Abba is? Asleep? No, I just get distracted and forget that He is right here with me…waiting to help me.


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