Impotence (Woodroof redux)

Jim, did that lady know what a difficult saying it was when she came to your office?  

Did you yourself know how difficult it was when you wrote it? 

(In both cases, I suspect so.)

I speak of a quasi-revelation communicated to (and later by) Jim Woodroof, who is now near 80 and still writing about, and loving, Jesus.  

The revelation was about finding in the gospels  the power to do  what’s in the New Covenant letters, i.e., the Christian-living passages in letters written by Paul, John, Peter, and James.

It was about looking to Jesus as essence, author, and perfecter of our faith.  

It was about Christian living.

Currently, my wife and I are involved in a dispute.  Don’t worry; we’re on the same side in this struggle, which is against some very rude, relentlessly mean-spirited people that we initially thought we could trust.  They have lied more than once, and they have used unsuspecting people in their ethical filth, and they have refused to let us live in peace.  They continue to take positions and actions that are as unjust as they are retaliatory.  They say we owe them $50 (or $54.75, or $24.05, depending on the day), which we do not, according to what we have in writing, and then they claim we owe late charges in the amount $1800+, which of course we don’t.  All this relates inextricably to our daily living, and I shouldn’t say any more.

We are suffering physically and emotionally.  Our daily productivity is decreased, and we regularly experience stress-induced headaches and other symptoms.  We need God to handle this situation.

In the meantime, since He seems to be taking His time, we are having difficulty following in the steps of the One Who, when treated utterly unjustly, did not retaliate.  You see, we, too, are suffering without cause (although our situation is obviously, comparatively insignificant).  If we were in the wrong, it would be different.  (The disruption to life would still be there, but it would be deserved.)  The facts clearly show, though, that we are in the right.

It is difficult to find in Jesus my example of how to handle unjust suffering when my human side wants to a) protect us, and b) somehow cause distress in those who are causing it in us.  Jesus, help.  May I get inside Your life more devotedly, and may I wake tomorrow feeling more empowered to do as You would do, and as You did.  Justice, perhaps; revenge, never.

Oh, and when I teach others about You in a few days, may I not be found to be a hypocrite.  I really have to clear these feelings out of my system.


2 thoughts on “Impotence (Woodroof redux)

  1. Anne Boyd 03/21/2014 / 2:13 am

    My dear nephew, I’m praying for you. One prayer that is helpful in such insane situations as you have been cast into is to pray, “Cause Truth to be known, and Justice to prevail.” And keep praying it with thanksgiving for what little good may be in your life. God will come through for you in His own timing. I never understand why good people have to suffer at the hands of unscrupulous and unbalanced people. But Dan always told me that we live in a fallen world…God did not promise us life will be fair….and that we glorify God by choosing to do what Jesus would do in such situations. Being faithful…you glorify Him, and we, along with Him, WIN!


    • Brian Casey 03/21/2014 / 4:22 pm

      These words are so good, Anne. Within hours of when yesterday’s post came out, we received a couple of positive or at least semi-positive messages — quasi-relief, and the light at end of tunnel glimmers. It is difficult to focus on being the best we can be, and we have not always been so. Even more difficult to trust that God will handle. But the winning you speak of is spiritual, not necessarily earthly, and we must be reminded of that, so thank you!


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