Expertise redux

WorshipLeaderLogo_530Writing about oversight and leadership in worship assemblies, Reggie Kidd offers,

“Here’s a three-strand cord for worship [leadership -bc] that is worth aspiring to build:

    1. An ear for music
    2. A head for theology
    3. An eye for beauty, majesty, and mystery”

He proceeds,

“Few of us have the whole package, but we don’t need it if we have one another.  I’m grateful for just enough aptitude in all three to be able to contribute.  But I’m grateful for musicians who have greater skills I do, theologians who are more astute that I am, and artists who are more creative. Together, we make better music, sounder theology, and truer art than any of us would by ourselves.”  – Reggie Kidd, “A  Cord of Three,” in Worship Leader magazine, November-December 2013

Would that all pastors, preachers, and other collared types would have such a humbly appropriate attitude of heart.  It would seem that we should be making functional “room” in various areas of operation for those who possess expertise in those areas.  It’s not always easy to make such room, and church leaders would do well to adopt Kidd’s ethos.

For a more detailed, more focused, less reputed, but perhaps more impassioned plea for the affirmation of expertise in church leadership, please read this post.

2 thoughts on “Expertise redux

  1. Susan Peterson 01/16/2014 / 3:40 pm

    I thoroughly agree. I like the way his summation is worded.

    I’m glad for the ways that I am deficient where others on my worship team are sufficient, because, with humility, it helps us work together better and accept the contributions of everyone. [This is not to say that I should not learn more about music or theology, but that God is able to use me where I am at this point. You probably already knew that.]


    • Brian Casey 01/16/2014 / 7:12 pm

      What might I already have known — that God is able to use you? That you might learn more about music or theology and like it? That accepting everyone’s contributions is a good thing? That you would be so deep as to be glad for any deficiencies? figure you meant the first thing, but all are true — I pretty much knew it, but good of you to point them all out! ☛ Get a signature like this. Click here. ​

      *Brian Casey, D. Arts*

      * *


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