Who says?

When scripture is read publicly, the result may not be as simple as the people hearing a singular “voice.”  Consider this familiar passage:


So . . . who says this?  Whose message is it?

Does God say this?
The Church (of any particular time)?
A modern-day person who planned for it to be read, or read it aloud himself?

The message is relatively clear.  Or is it?  What is really being said; and can we understand today what was being said when this was first written and heard?

In an indirect yet significant sense, the question here is related to allegiance.  We could ask to what/whom we are we loyal? when we read this short passage?  The answer is related to the answer to the who says this? question above.

This is of first importance in terms of interpretation:  the more we understand the situation that occasioned the Philippian letter, the closer we can get to understanding the messages within it.  Then we may attempt to apply the message — given 1) by God 2) through Paul 3) to the Philippians — to another situation.

Please share your thoughts. I read every comment.

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