A few days of Xmas songs (4 – all grown up now)

This 4th Xmas songs instalment continues, in a different way, the emphasis of yesterday’s post.  In highlighting peace and the desire for it, I was hoping to foster consideration of a higher order of Christmas visions than sugarplums, tannenbaums, wrapped gifts, and various niceties such as hood-ornament wreaths and the so-called “Christmas spirit.”

Amy Grant, Michael Buble, Kelly Clarkson, and an old friend, former student Elizabeth Losson.  All these, and hundreds more, have sung today’s featured song.  At least Amy and Elizabeth have brought tears to my eyes.  The song’s poppish style could easily have been a distraction for me, but it quickly becomes clear that the marriage of words and music here is a match made in the artistic firmament.

I’ll share only a few of these words:

Verse 2:
So here’s my lifelong wish — 
My grown up Christmas list — 
Not for myself,
But for a world in need

No more lives torn apart . . . 
That wars would never start . . .
And time would heal all hearts . . .
And everyone would have a friend . . .
And right would always win . . .
And love would never end, ooh . . .

Words and Music by Linda Thompson Jenner and David Foster
© 1990 Warner/Tamerlane Publishing

This is my grown-up Christmas list.

The key change at the the chorus is a stroke of musical genius, emotionally enhancing the already poignant feel of the song.  I am moved even now, as I try to see the words on my screen through the blurred coating on my eyes.  There is something very special about this song — something very beautiful and soul-enriching.

Maybe you’ll want to take a few moments to watch/listen to this Amy Grant video recording, which I think is better than the other two prominent ones on YouTube.

Enjoy.  And feel the feeling.  Deeply.


¹ All ya’all Christians who think “Xmas” spelling is taking Christ out of Christmas, think again.  I’m a Christian who realizes that’s not necessarily the case– although I have no particular concerns with making Christmas a Christian thing.


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