Other categories

Music may be fairly aptly categorized as either dance-based or song-based.

Personalities may be fairly aptly pigeonholed as introverted or extroverted, or as left- or right-brained.

Churches might be put in either conservative or liberal “slots.”  

These categorizings may or may not be helpful in communicating and understanding.  In the church arena, I think another pair of categories is at least as helpful as conservative vs. liberal/progressive.  What if we thought first of churches as falling somewhere on the institutionalorganic spectrum?

Not that I’ve really ever had first-hand experience with an established church group on the organic side, but I keep flirting with the notion.  The ideals espoused in the following blogs are representative of things I espouse, too.  None of them are too long; I hope you’ll read them.






Please share your thoughts. I read every comment.

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