Q:  What style of music should be used?
Q:  Which version of the Bible should be in the pews?
Q:  What happens (happened?) on the “Day of the Lord,” in your view?

On the third question above, are you a pre-millennialist or a post-millennialist or an a-millennialst?  Are you a rapturist?  An Israelist?  A dispensationalist?  A preterist?

I have a new friend who uses a term I haven’t heard before.  I like this term. I’m going to start using it myself.  When considering what happens at the end, like my new friend, I am an I-don’t-care-ist. (I’m a closet or not-so-closeted I-don’t-care-ist about the other questions above, too.)

There is another person at our church who interprets eschatological scripture differently.  I take him to be sincere, honest, and a lover of God.  When it comes to these passages, I don’t understand how he supports his ideas, and I don’t think he’s accurate in certain literal readings of some passages.  I think his position on certain eschatological matters is rife with inconsistency.  I’m not even sure why he cares so much.  (But, again, I take him to be sincere.)

About these things, I simply don’t care.  I am an I-don’t-care-ist!

2 thoughts on “Apathies

  1. godschildrenorg 12/01/2013 / 12:11 pm

    As to question #3 — I also am a “I don’t care-ist.” The important question for us all is, “Will I be ready to stand before God’s throne when the end comes?” And maybe the 2nd question could be, “Is there someone now, or in days to come, within my circle of influence that God wants me to lovingly help find the way to Jesus?”

    God often brought people to us who, in time, after they got to know and trust us, asked us to study the Bible with them…”friendship evangelism.” We offered friendship. That was the beginning of the path for them finding Truth in God’s Word…followed by obedience…and lives permanently surrendered to Jesus.


    • Brian Casey 12/01/2013 / 1:00 pm

      Yes, your question is the important first one, in this context. And your second is much more important! (I’m either pretty blind — LIKELY — or God is not bringing me such opportunities currently, for whatever reason.)


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