Necks and trunk lids

I used to display one of these on my trunk lid.  ichthusI think I had 2 or 3 different ones on different cars.  My favorite had the word ichthus actually spelled out inside the fish.

As the years went by, I became less interested in displaying an overtly Christian symbol on my car.  Even when I lived in an area where road rage was unheard of (a “traffic jam” was having to wait for 3 cars to pass before you turned onto the state highway), I figured that I didn’t want to risk being associated with Jesus by a stranger who had no further knowledge of me than my sometimes-questionable driving habits.  (No comments from those who’ve ridden with me in the last few years, please.)

baseball tieLast Sunday (true confession), I wore one of these (see pic at left).  Nevermind that it was worn in tribute to Major League Baseball and not to the vestiges of a more formalized type of western religion.  It was still a necktie.  I’m embarrassed to admit it, but I’m embarrassed to wear a necktie.  (They are really stupid inventions, when you think of it.  [Almost as stupid as nylons for women.  {Don’t ask me if I’ve ever worn nylons.  The answer is no.}])¹  And, when worn on Sunday afternoons in restaurants and stores, neckties almost unmistakably identify you as a churchgoer.  This particular Sunday, I made a conscious decision to leave my necktie on (as though my dress shirt wouldn’t have given me away) when we went into the store.  I figured, why not give someone one more reason to think Christians are normal? — you know, they buy vegetables and have four-year-olds and such.  Surely I could add positively to someone’s perspective of Christians by having a tie on and having them think, “Those look like nice people.”

A few minutes later, I found myself trapped in the poorly designed supermarket parking lot, and a driver in front of me was being very discourteous to all those around him.  I honked.  3 times.  I was irritated.

And I wanted to yank my tie off, for fear that someone would think I’m a Christian.


¹  Those parens and brackets were for you, S.


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