Places and things

Each new locale carries its unique “stuff.”  In Colorado, we understood that it was illegal to catch rainwater in a bucket, because that affected runoff and water rights of others.  One could deal with that pretty easily since the air and the mountain views were so amazing.

The number of times my SSN has been requested since moving to Texas is as baffling as it is cause for concern.  I think I’ve needed my SSN more times in 75 days as I needed in the previous 17.5 years.  Odd.  I’m not sure what the deal is with Texas — secretaries and clerks in different places have my SSN accessible if they want it, and a telecommunications company had to get supervisor approval to use just the last 4 digits of my SSN to complete an order instead of the entire number.  In Missouri, they actually assumed the use of the SSN# as a driver’s license number, unless you told them otherwise.  I think they were waiting for someone to “show me” why displaying the SSN was not very secure.  More than odd.

In this town in Texas, the construction of curbs and driveways in commercial districts is strange:  there’s rarely a curved entry lane of any sort.  It’s pretty much a right angle required to turn, meaning one almost has to stop before turning right.  This is the first time I remember noticing this feature of road construction.  Smallish towns in Texas and Kansas have at least one other thing in common, though (besides the penchant for tornadic activity in some regions):  the notion that traffic lights (e.g., red left-turn arrows) are supposed to impede the flow of traffic rather than to aid it, simply keeping people safe.

One of the annoying and costly aspects of life where we are now is what we understand is a common occurrence:  people hitting your car in parking lots and not leaving a note.  It has happened twice to us now in less than 90 days.  Not too cool.

One can deal with any of this stuff pretty easily when the moon is bright, the sky is clear, the air is pleasant, and the people are generally friendly.  A day after I drafted this, our area witnessed a remarkable display of God’s power in the skies, followed by a rainbow.  Thank You, God.  May someone else have been drawn to wonder or even worship in the presence of Your power.

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