The following are some streaming, nearly-real-time (from earlier today) thoughts on unworthiness and worthiness.

The lyrics of John Newton and Amy Grant (“… saved a wretch like me” and “Thy Word is a … light unto my path”) were worthy of reiteration by Christians this morning.

The lyrics of J.M. Henson¹ (“I’ll live in glory by and by”) — not so much.  (They could have left that one out without any real loss.)

My human leadership abilities are probably worthy of capitalizing on, but my heart, at present — not so much.

I was unworthy to sit or stand with other believers and worship God this morning.  The amount of time I’ve spent in private worship or contemplation of God and my lack of devotion simply don’t lead me naturally into group worship, nor do I have much desire.  I’m just not “there.”

The acoustical properties of the building in which I found myself were unworthy of corporate singing.

The opening thoughts of a good brother this morning were worthy of everyone’s time.  He took time to speak of Jesus’ welcome of children, and re-articulated very well the perpetual welcome to all of us as God’s children.

I found myself unworthy of even beginning to focus my mind and heart on Jesus’ sacrifice; I opted to retreat from communion to confession instead, hoping it will somehow be worthy of His notice.

I am supposedly involved in two real-time online Bible studies at present — weekly and/or daily activities in Ephesians and 1 John.  I have spent a grand total of about an hour in the last two weeks on the two combined.  I am unworthy, therefore, of participating in the video-chat discussions, etc.  And I’ll go deeper:  I have fancied myself a Bible student — an increasingly avid proponent of serious, exegetical Bible study.  I am, to say the least, unworthy of a label like that right now.

Fernando Ortega’s music seems worthy of my attention regularly.  I’m way behind in lots of things and can’t even call myself a groupie, but I recently purchased his album The Shadow of Your Wings and have benefited already.  The first song below is from that album; the others are older:

Grace and Peace YouTube recording link

Jesus, King of Angels YouTube recording/lyrics link

Sing to Jesus  YouTube recording/lyrics link


¹  I should hesitate to say this, but nah … the words of Jim Henson’s Muppets are more worthy — within their milieu, that is — than the words of this J.M. Henson.


2 thoughts on “(Un)worthiness

  1. Susan Peterson 10/06/2013 / 10:52 pm

    2 random song-related comments:

    – We (I and the teen girls’ group I work with) sang the first two songs mentioned at a nursing home tonight.

    – Jesus, King of Angels is one of my favorite Fernando Ortega songs, and good for singing on solemn/lonely nights.

    1 less-random theme-related comment:

    – I have also been struggling with time in prayer and Bible study. I have little to show for my claimed desire to know more about apologetics, and have spent little time in the past month doing more than reading a few verses a day. I am having a great struggle with contentment, and am most likely doing a million more things wrong in my life. And this is when God has been pulling out themes of grace all around me in different ways, as a reminder of the uselessness of my strength, efforts, and designs and the total supremacy of His power to accomplish what is good and right.


    • Brian Casey 10/10/2013 / 9:39 am

      How great that you sang those first two songs! And I think I could go back to a lonely night or two in which I played “Jesus, King of Angels.” I should remember that more often.

      As for apologetics, give yourself time, and don’t trust everyone’s logic. Some of it is pretty illogical. I’m not very conversant in that field, but I know the charisma of some can eclipse the material in which they dwell.

      As for grace-themes, that is so very eloquent that I shan’t attempt to add anthing or comment. (More on the back-channels at some point!)

      * *


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