Voices: Lights j-card

I wrote these introductory words many moons ago for the “J-card” insert for a Lights album that was studio-recorded and produced on cassette.  I recently happened on them and thought I would share them here.

Come To Me (W & M by Brian Casey.  © 1995 ENCOUNTER Music)

Gentle Jesus’ posture toward us is more than your basic, churchy “invitation” or “altar call.”  For one thing, He invites those oppressed & repressed by legalism’s obsessions to understand His priorities.  It’s an inviting message of grace, of relief from man-made, back-breaking burdens.  The Pharisees (and those around them) needed to hear the words of Matthew 11:28-30.  Maybe you do, too?

Thank you again, Gary Collier, for the ever-timely thoughts expressed in The Forgotten Treasure.  I deeply appreciate you for inspiring more than this song.

Editor’s Note:  Gary has placed a link to a recording of this song on one of his websites.  It may be accessed here.

He’ll Do Whatever It Takes  (W & M by Dan Dean.  © 1994 Dawn Treader Music.  Arr. Casey    Used by permission.)

Understanding and internalizing grace is so much more than knowing about grace.  What’s required for me to be right with Him?  More than I can ever do … that’s for sure.  No matter who I’ve been or how far I’ve run, His love will run farther.  His passionate desire for me is more than I deserve.  And as I truly look to Him, I see Him doing whatever it takes to get me back where I belong.

(This song was dedicated in love to someone I knew at the time — someone who had slipped away and who was having trouble coming back.)

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