Voices: Gary Collier on pulsating churches

The following is transcribed from an online video:

When we talk about building a church that is close-knit, vibrant, and pulsating, we normally think about a praise team with music that echoes into the four corners of the city and a preacher that makes us laugh and cry in the same sentence, and a new state-of-the-art worship center that all by itself will go out and bring people to God.

None of us believes this, but we actually act this way – that if we have all these things in place . . . we can kind of dance down the hallways, you know, because it’s so pulsating and so marvelous . . . then we’re getting there . . . and if we’re a quiet group, then that means we’re kind of a dead church.

Now, look … these things are fine; I’m not really criticizing any of the things that I just mentioned, necessarily, but they do not define a close-knit, vibrant, and pulsating church, and that’s the point that I’m getting at.  We can have all those things and still be a dead church.

We can have all those things and have God still say to us, “I hate . . . your times of worship. . . .”

. . .

A church that is close-knit, alive, vibrant, and pulsating

  • Might run up and down the aisles, or it might stand stone-cold still.
  • Might have an awesome praise team, or some person who starts the singing from the third row.
  • Might have a preacher as well known as Billy Graham, or as dry and stiff as Gary Collier, 🙂 or no preacher at all.
  • Might have a brand-new, multimillion-dollar worship complex, or it might meet in a basement.

– Gary D. Collier, Coffee With Paul Ministries, Inc., transcribed from a live, Internet-delivered lesson on church community


I recommend to my readers Gary’s online bible study program.  Find more info at http://coffeewithpaul.com/.  A new session begins this Saturday, June 15 — studying Galatians.

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