Rant on a gun-rant

License plate in a "Bible Belt" parking lot
License plate in a Bible Belt parking lot

The message above represents what’s wrong with the NRA or militia mindset.  Maybe there’s an appreciable difference between those two, but from where I stand, it’s about the same.  (I’m like a monkey looking at two books — say, a biblical commentary and a Beatles fake book — the books look basically the same to a monkey, although if you’re a Bible scholar or a Beatlemaniac, the comparison is a trifle offensive. Anyhew….)

Two things not found in the Bible:

  1. the (mis)conception that a Christian has the right to kill in certain circumstances
  2. the (mis)conception that, in order to be a Christian in the U.S., one has to be a Republican

On the first point: I’m well aware that there are a couple lines of thinking that would lead to the justification of killing.  I don’t subscribe to those lines and believe they are misguided, but they do exist.

On the second point: I’m not encouraging aligning with the Democratic party, either.  Both major U.S. parties seem pretty messed up, inasmuch as I know what they’re all about.

I would point out to all my Republican-card-carrying Christian readers that it doesn’t help their conservative causes when such slogans as the above are touted by_____ . . . .  (I must admit that I almost typed the word “idiots” there, but the fact is, the people who a) manufactured and b) bought that license plate thing are people for whom Jesus died.  Even though I don’t know their identities, it’s better if I stop and consider them worthwhile souls instead of calling them names.  “Rednecks” might be accurate, but I’ll just leave the blank as is.)  It’s rather ridiculous to assert the “right” to own a gun illegally; scofflaws cannot be helpful in resolving conflict or in living peacefully, insofar as it depends on them.

A quasi-slogan asserts this axiom:  “my country, right or wrong.”  On the surface — and I mean very shallowly — someone espousing that one could be seen as “loyal” (albeit imbecilic) on some level.  But Christians must hold to higher standards.  If a denomination, or a country, or a club, or whatever entity moves down a wrong path, we must be individually courageous enough to buck the misguided trend.  Whether it manifests itself as a stubborn refusal of Christian fellowship to someone of a politically different mindset, or a mouthing off about the right to own a gun even if it is illegal, wrong is wrong.

There are quite a few subsections of the “conservatives” in the U.S. at present.  These sub-sects, which may overlap, include NRA folk, the rich and super-rich, and most evangelical Christians.  I hope that the person who had that license plate on his/her car does not currently claim Christianity.  Surely not. . . .


This post also (sadly) deals with the topic of guns and Christians.

This one deals with Newtown and violence in general.


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