Voices: a saxophonish timbre

bari_tenor_alto_sopThe saxophone.  The butt of many jokes told by art-music musicians.  Also thought by many to be the wind instrument that can most closely approximate the human voice.  The saxophone can have the most grating timbre, though, and it’s not something to which I care to listen all that often.  I think this post, in its non-politically correct brashness, will have a saxophonish timbre in the ears of some.

A few Sundays¹ ago, I saw an article in the Rochester Democrat-Chronicle.  It was on the front page and decried the horrors of finding an able driver’s car in a handicap parking space.

Now, I do not doubt that there is a sizable number of bona fide handicapped persons who genuinely benefit from the reserved parking spaces.  I’m even willing to admit that the instance of  misuse of handicap spaces is 10x greater than I currently think it is.

I do think, though, that the greater problem is that there are far too many handicap spaces in the world.  We are held hostage to the politically correct, ACLU -type of mentality that overdoes everything for the sake of someone who cries foul for the sake of attention or money.

So, here’s my Rx:

  • Step one:  paint over the blue lines, or take down the signs, that mark off 5 of every 10 handicap spaces
  • Step two:  make 2 of those available to families with young children
  • Step three:  leave the other 3 free for anyone
  • Step four:  honoring the authentically handicapped people who don’t spend too much time complaining to agencies and the news media, stiffly fine those who use the handicap spaces but aren’t ambulatorily disabled — either permanently or temporarily

And stop the knee-jerk, mass reactions to single incidents like one disabled person slipping in a parking lot.  That kind of reaction isn’t good for traffic flow, for society, or for morale of the human race these days.

Speaking of morale (and resiliency), seems like this presumably handicapped person has a decent amount of mojo goin’ on.

handicap car


¹ Don’t think for a moment that there should have been an apostrophe there … it’s a simple plural, not a contraction or a possessive!  🙂


2 thoughts on “Voices: a saxophonish timbre

  1. Sally 02/09/2013 / 6:30 pm

    I love your footnote. I know people who think that any word ending in “s” must have an apostrophe before the “s.”


    • Brian Casey 02/09/2013 / 11:28 pm

      Thanks. I love that stuff, too, and can’t resist commenting on it once in a while. I continued to be honored that you read my writings, even including the relatively unimportant footnotes! 🙂


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