MWM: Father and Friend

[This is an installment in the Monday Worship Music series.  Find other, related posts through this link.]

Yesterday, I re-pondered this hymn (and actually sang it while driving with my family — any of the rest of you do such odd things at times?).  The words are among the best, I think, and have stayed in my memory for years now.  If you don’t know the tune, maybe you would allow yourself to spend time with them, reading them aloud to yourself or even sharing them with someone else….

Father and Friend, Thy light, Thy love
Beaming through all Thy works we see.
Thy glory gilds the heavens above
And all the earth is full of Thee.

Thy voice we hear, Thy presence feel
While Thou, too pure for mortal sight,
Enwrapt in clouds invisible,
Reignest the Lord of life and light.

Thy children shall not faint nor fear,
Sustained by this delightful thought:
Since Thou, their God, art everywhere,
They cannot be where thou art not.

John Bow­ring, 1825


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