(M)W(M): springboard phrases

This is no longer Monday or, even Tuesday, but this is an installment in the Monday Worship Music series.  Find other, related posts through this link.

Ponder/consider/think on/ruminate over/dwell in/trust in/be inspired by one of these phrases with me:

child of promise

because we believe

selected and adopted

by Your Spirit

not under the curse of sin

promise of the Spirit

inestimable blessing

live by faith

clothed with Christ

Why not be biblically based in some of our worship?

The above phrases come ek (out of, by, from) Galatians and are not given here because they relate directly to any existing worship music — thus the weird parens around the Ms in the heading for this post.  While a song may arise out of these words, worship is of course not all about the music, so perhaps you and I could worship God through one or more of those phrases in our hearts.


Please share your thoughts. I read every comment.

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