Knowing your left from your right

For sake of illustration in this post, I have opted for a curious blend of “church stuff” (italicized) and “political stuff” (regular typeface, and some of which also relates inextricably to my views of God’s will).  In other words, “God things” are italicized, and “political things” are not.  I am far more informed in the former, but have lived enough years to have developed a few opinions on the latter, as well.

Topics on which I’m more CONSERVATIVE than many people I know:

Affirmative action and racism-related laws
Bible study
Capital and corporal punishment
Christian assembly, philosophy and nature of 
Criminals’ rights
Energy policy
Entitlement programs, extent of
Global warming
Government and Christian, relationship of (in biblical terms, i.e., I’m more biblically conservative than most Christians)
LGBT philosophies and policies
Labor unions
Obama, President
Opposition to heretical or nonsensical religious groups (which shall remain nameless here)
Parenting, style and particulars of
Personal finances
Popular entertainment
Racial profiling
Size and intrusiveness of government
Worship, nature and importance of

Topics on which I’m more LIBERAL than many people I know:

Age of earth
Alcohol consumption
Biblical canon
Christian assembly, practicalities and patterns of
Euthanasia and abortion
Entitlement programs, existence of
Foreign policy
Government and Christianity, relationship of (in political terms, i.e., I’m more liberal than the Christian right)
Gun rights
Health care
Instruments, use of, in worship and other Christian music
Israel (note that I have not italicized this item)
Romney, Governor
Same-sex civil unions
School prayer (again, this item not italicized — I see it primarily as a political concern)
Separation of church and state
Taxation of the rich
Scripture, view of
Women’s roles in churches

Many of the topics in the lists above are quite complex.  Even my choice of list might be arguable, in certain cases:  whereas you might find my scruples on this or that issue to be “conservative,” I might consider them “liberal.”  For instance, even though I actually believe my view of scripture is more conservative, in the final analysis, than that of most others, it would take hours to describe why it’s more conservative than liberal to hold the particular views I have.  Essentially, I don’t want to claim for scripture something it does not claim for itself, and that probably makes me seem more liberal, when in reality, I think I’m more conservative in this regard.

In the case of my views on the human government and the Christian, I’ve placed the item in both categories to see if I can arouse the interest of a whole range readers.  🙂  In the final analysis, I think I’m more biblically and spiritually conservative in this area than most, but if a political liberal reads this, he might see this item in the “conservative” category and figure I’m a Republican and into the religious right’s agenda, neither of which I am.  On the other hand, if a Christian conservative reads this, she might see this item in the “liberal” category and figure I’m a Democrat or a pro-abortion rallyer, which I am not.

See how complex this can be?

I find that Jesus was both conservative and liberal; which category He fell into seems to have depended on the topic or situation at hand.  On my best days, I am only barely connected to Him, but I figure it’s just fine to be a mix of conservative and liberal, just as He was.  For instance, He (conservatively) railed against the established, hindering religious structures, but He (liberally) was a physical and spiritual blessing to the downtrodden and disenfranchised.

Jesus appears not to have been affiliated with a political party, humanly speaking.  And he never voted.


2 thoughts on “Knowing your left from your right

  1. LLM 10/13/2012 / 11:49 am

    This reminds me of something I often say: “Sometimes I feel like the most liberal person among conservatives, and like the most conservative person among liberals.”


    • Brian Casey 10/13/2012 / 11:51 am

      Yes! You and I would probably find some more common ground….


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