If my wife died, I think I would probably eventually check out  But I would also probably ask them to reconsider a TV ad that warmly encourages,

“Join and find God’s match for you.”

Somehow, e-salesmanship (replete with facile search functions and marketing) and an ostensible respect of God’s providence seem incompatible, don’t they?

I mean, are they really saying that if I use their service, I am tapping into God’s providence? How arrogant is that?

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  1. Donna 09/05/2012 / 11:29 am

    Their ads seem to either come off sounding arrogant or condescending. As a single, I’m consistently offended & won’t use their site. (not that I actually use anyone’s)


    • Brian Casey 09/05/2012 / 12:20 pm

      Interesting to hear this. When I was single, I don’t think existed. Now that I think the way I hear you thinking, I can hear the condescension toward singles. The arrogance I hear is in presuming that using their site is the same as attaching oneself to the will of God.


    • Brian Casey 09/05/2012 / 8:57 pm

      Anne from halfway around the world wrote (and her post was derailed by a weird internet happening), “Well, maybe they belong to the group who believe that if you do what God wants, you’ll be rich, happy all the time…and is happy to get rich while putting themselves forward as an instrument in God’s hands to match mates?” My wonderings would travel the same path. The notion that God wants us all to be happy is as overrated as the notion that every single has some “perfect match” waiting for God to assign to them through

      Blessings from Transylvania while listening to Dvorak’s New World Symphony (Dan and my “song.”)


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