It’s really not all that important, guys

Come along with me, siblings, for I am about to “sin” again.  

It has been three months since my last protest.

(Anyone got an indulgence for sale, cheap?  This neo-protestant may need absolution soon.)

The inset quotations below, mired in sub-cultural egocentrism (read:  “we are chest-deep in thinking our religion is really, really important”), came in a recent news report (URL below). . . .

Pope Benedict XVI will visit Philadelphia in 2015 to host the Vatican World Meeting of Families, he announced today as this year’s meeting wrapped up in Milan.

Wow, really?  And I, just as I wrap up some of my programming and planning business in New York, am about to announce a visit to Colorado.  Bully for me.

Archbishop of Philadelphia Charles Chaput was on hand, and, according to tweets from Catholic News Agency, was up on the stage “chatting up a storm” with the pope, thanking him as he kissed the papal ring.

Yay, Charlie.  Bully for you, too.  You seem to know how to win friends and influence popes.  Now:  if you can look yourself in the mirror after kissing a man’s ring, you are either deluded by years of subservience to a religion gone awry, or you are no man yourself.

Chaput, who moved to Philadelphia from Denver last year, is one of the most outspoken U.S. bishops on the intersection of Catholic life and society and politics.
Charles Chaput

Okay, I think I’ve got this straight.  Charlie is not only employed by, and beholden to, the most bloated, blasphemous Christian organization¹ on the planet, but he also must think it matters that he intersects stupidity Catholicism with other stupidity politics.

The announcement comes “amid a scene of epic turbulence for the Northeastern fold,” says Philadelphia-based Catholic blogger Rocco Palmo.
At “Whispers in the Loggia,” he’s posted from the grateful Chaput’s official chancery a response, calling the visit . . . a gift to the local Church in Philadelphia and to the whole nation.

Celebrate, then, Philadelphia!  Bake an enormous cake for Benedict’s trip, and pull out all the stops along Broadway and across Market and Chestnut.  May Rittenhouse Square be festooned for the ‘15 festivities with logos and brands (more wastes of marketing departments).  May Boathouse Row gleam! May you all fool yourselves into thinking this one visit of one man matters one whit in the spiritual world.  

Palmo points out that Chaput’s first nine months in office “…have been dominated by the fallout of a flood of legal, administrative and financial crises which erupted in the wake of a February 2011 grand jury report, the second in five years to probe the archdiocese’s handling of sex-abuse cases across several decades.”

Lest anyone stumble upon my site and have no idea what I am about, let it be clear here that my ire a) is directed toward the Roman Catholic institution, not individuals, and b) is about theology and darkness and power structures and anti-biblical and a-biblical practices, not about the more recently surfacing stories of atrociously immoral actions of priests here and there.  I do not decry the Catholic machine because of those disgusting acts or the subsequent cover-ups.  These specific problems are only symptoms of an abhorrently errant system.  I resist centuries of history, not only decades.  And I boldly call others to join this resistance.

Now, one last provocative bit from the article:

DO YOU THINK… Benedict can persuade more Catholics to follow church doctrine on sexuality and family life?

Uh … no.   Despite people’s insistence that they “are” Catholic, the actions — the real life patterns of the majority of ethnic/born-in Catholics — continue to suggest that the whole thing is a charade.


Read the complete article, only if you really have a lot of free time, at

¹ The Latter-Day Saint (Mormon) organization does not qualify as Christian, or we might have a tussle on our hands.


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