ATR, Jr. on worship

It is possible that we admire Him and give Him respect, believing, as we often do, that His love is so much greater than ours, though of the same nature.  But in this assumption we are mistaken.  Obviously, God’s love is infinitely greater than our own, but it is also of a different kind.

Any explanation of why men worship should probably begin with the simple idea that they just do, that they are made to worship.

The acts of adoration and homage in which we engage should awaken within us a consciousness of the presence of God. . . .  Worship should, and true worship does, fan the smoldering embers of belief into a flaming consciousness of his majestic presence.

– Andy T. Ritchie, Jr. (my grandfather), Thou Shalt Worship the Lord Thy God (1969), from chapters 2 and 3


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