You say news writers aren’t biased?

You say news writers aren’t biased?  Lemme show you otherwise. . . .

I’m not the most conservative on the “gay marriage” question by any means.  I happen to think that, in our nation’s current context, which is decidedly NOT a Christian one, it some sense to give economic (and perhaps other) rights to homosexual couples.  However, consider paragraph 2 of the article at this link:

‘Scuse me?  Let’s try that again.  Perhaps if you’d written it as I have it below, moderates and logicians wouldn’t be able to perpetuate (rightly!) the stereotype of liberal bias in the news media:

The cases, originating on opposite coasts, go to the heart of a question that has churned for two decades:  whether states and the federal government have jurisdiction over the question of same-sex marriage.

You see, it really is a question, and will probably for many years be a question — whether two people of the same gender who profess to be a couple may be thought of as “married” in a given societal context.  Being able to state such a question without prejudice would seem to be part and parcel of being a good journalist.

I am not intending to deal with God-based morality here.  I’m merely acknowledging that, absent theocracy, it is practically up to a culture or government to decide a question such as the gay-marriage one.  I may or may not like the conclusions of the human government, but simply by allowing this question, stating it without prejudice, I do not tip the scale toward one side or the other.  On the other hand, if I accuse an entity of “refus[ing] to recognize same-sex marriage,” I clearly align myself with those who presume the validity of same-sex marriage, when such is not a foregone conclusion.

The above is just one paltry evidence of recurring bias in the news media … and is just one reason I don’t often watch or listen to the news.

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