Only in New York

[Caveat lector:  I’m sure it’s not “only in NY” that the following things happen, but careless language is a boon to the ranting M.O. and, as such, is a good vent for hot air.]

Only in NY can one mow the second section of his lawn 7 days later, without noticeable difference in the length of the two sections of grass, because it has snowed twice since the first half was mowed … and no one talks about this — presumably because it is commonly viewed as normal!

Only in NY do they tax reasonably nourishing fast food meals that might include chicken sandwiches and salads, but they don’t tax donuts.

Only in NY do they tie up countless hours and resources in research for years about potential hazards of hydro-fracturing for natural gas, ignoring the probability that any damage that might occur during a year or two of fracking could have been remedied by all the money they would have saved if the research had not taken so many resources.  I say, frack away.  Frack to your heart’s content, because the implications of not fracking are worse than the implications of fracking.  Don’t be careless or short-sighted, but frack.  And then try to fix anything that might you might have messed up — for the sake of the people who may come later, not for the sake of the earth itself.

Aside:  the label “Creation Care” would at first blush call all right-thinking Christians to love and care for the world God created.  To honor God as Creator is right and good.  But I think the label “Creation” has rather been inserted as part of a liberal rallying cry for believers.  In other words, it helps those in a conservative context feel better about certain liberal viewpoints.

As the erstwhile, hick-song poet has said, “This world is not my home.  I’m just a passin’ thru.”  It’s not that we should be careless with the world.  Of course we shouldn’t.  But the earth is not our “mother,” and it is not going to last forever, no matter what we do or don’t do to it.


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