Flagged for inappropriate content

Take One.  Recently, at Wal-Mart, I spied a display of these:


Whatever the strength and inclination of your personal feelings on abortion in our country/world, and whatever your Christian or quasi-Christian or a-Christian moorings on anything related to sex, consider this with me:

Pretty much every thinking person will have to admit that unmarried sex is not a good idea, for one reason or a dozen others.  Wouldn’t you  agree?  Could I convince you, then, to allow moral, or at least common-sense, outrage to rise within you over the K-Y display?  Are we really so moronic as to sell K-Y lubricant as an essential for a “perfect date night” — hawked as though its perfect place is right alongside an Applebee’s appetizer or movie tickets?  (I don’t buy for a moment that the K-Y people had in mind married couples on dates.)

Take two.  Recently, I spied, on a shelf in a Christian college library, a display of “Valentine’s Day” movies.  And among this group of DVDs and VHSs was the movie Dirty Dancing.

And again, let the outrage rise, even as the standards fall.  Although perceptions and effects can and do change as time passes, there are some images and movies (and moves) that will always be inappropriate for decent people to take in.  I think I’ve seen enough ads and snippets from that one to make this judgment.

And now, as though with huge tweezers, I head to the mirror to look at my own eyes.  Let my own standards be subjected to new scrutiny, too.  It’s not just everyone else that needs to keep things in check, keeping watch over the intake.  It’s me, too.


2 thoughts on “Flagged for inappropriate content

    • Brian Casey 02/25/2012 / 10:12 am

      I am always encouraged by people of like mind–whether on behavioral matters (and I read your similarly intended post, too!) in which more Christians ought to find common ground, or on more “doctrinal” things.


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